PHOTOS, VIDEO: Fog Returns to Lava Pit on Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Fog Returns to Lava Pit on Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland

After an extended absence, fog effects have returned to the lava pit guests cross aboard the Indiana Jones Adventure as they escape the Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Adventureland at Disneyland. Check out our video below.

Fog Returns to the Temple Lava Pit

This happens at the part of the voyage in which riders cross a bridge designed to seem exceptionally old and worn, adding to the drama and tension of the moment.

indy lava 2

Due to the intense jerkiness of the ride (Sallah would describe it as “when the journey becomes, um, bumpy” in his queue safety spiel), a still image is difficult to secure, but the glow of the lava is definitely more pronounced with this effect.

indy lava

With extra lighting from this friendly flame, we can see the fog resembles steam, adding to the idea that the lava could be real, and dreadfully, boiling hot.

The Indiana Jones Adventure


The Temple of the Forbidden Eye opened its archeological secrets and perils to guests in March 1995, during the 40th anniversary of Disneyland Park. Over 400 Imagineers were involved in the creation of the 50,000 square-foot space and half-mile queue. Fun fact: daily admission was $33 then, and the Los Angeles Times made note of an increase to $34 in 1996 that many guests bemoaned at the time. The popularity of this massive technological marvel was cited as a reason, and this quote from over two decades ago really takes us back to a time long gone:

The hikes reflect a recovering Southern California tourist economy, demand for hot attractions such as Disneyland’s Indiana Jones adventure ride and Universal’s Waterworld and the escalating costs to build the multimillion-dollar extravaganzas to wow the crowds and keep them coming back.

Southern California residents could still enter for $24. Today, one-day, one-park admission prices are averaging between $159 and $179 for the summer months.

531 main visual name 1
Source: Tokyo Disney Resort

This attraction has a similar counterpart at Tokyo DisneySea, also the Indiana Jones Adventure, though the sanctuary over there is known as the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

IndyReopens2023COVER 1

The Indiana Jones Adventure was recently refurbished over a period of a few months, and reopened back in March to the public. Audio-animatronics and projections were freshened up, whilst a new projected scene of a tunnel collapsing was introduced to replace the original rat cave. Check out our video of the full ride, with all of the updated scenes and projections that were implemented below.

Where does this attraction rank in your all-time favorites? Have you seen these recent updates? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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