Livestreamer Plays Racist Music Over Bluetooth Speaker While Walking Around Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

Livestreamer Plays Racist Music Over Bluetooth Speaker While Walking Around Tokyo Disneyland

Livestreamer Johnny Somali has been making waves on Japanese social media lately for repeated incidents against Japanese people in public. Before departing the country, he made a final stop at Tokyo Disneyland to engage in more of his antics.

The prominent Kick YouTuber paid a visit to Tokyo Disneyland on Tuesday, June 13 and repeatedly engaged in acts in violation of the park’s rules, including livestreaming, which OLC strictly forbids in their parks.

Twitter user @mrjeffu shared reports of Somali’s visit, reporting that on his streams he was swearing loudly and playing racist music on a portable speaker throughout the park.

One instance taken from his livestreams on Kick, a small livestreaming platform alternative to Twitch particularly known for gambling livestreams. The video above shows Somali offering viewers to pay in exchange for playing whatever song they want on his speaker while in line for Big Thunder Mountain. Viewer discretion is advised.

Security confronted him multiple times, as streaming is not allowed at the Tokyo parks, and he gave a litany of excuses, saying he was “just recording video” or that he was “on a FaceTime call with family.”

Somali has made waves on Japanese social media after a widely-reported incident where he harassed riders on Tokyo’s trains regarding World War II, invoking Pearl Harbor and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to an innocent passenger before vowing “we’ll do it again.” The clip went viral after another passenger, a visiting Korean-American tourist, confronted Somali for harassing passengers on the train.

During his time in Japan, multiple people harassed and assaulted him on the street as a result of the train incident, including one YouTuber notorious for catching train harassers in the act.

Somali has since left Japan.

Incidents at Tokyo Disney Resort

TDS Guest Fountain

Compared to the US Disney parks, guest incidents are relatively uncommon at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Perhaps most notably, last summer a guest was caught climbing out-of-bounds into a fountain within Arabian Coast at Tokyo DisneySea, and went viral on Twitter though he was reprimanded by a nearby Cast Member.

Late last year as well, a man was tackled by security Cast Members after running in front of the “Disney Christmas Stories” parade floats at Tokyo Disneyland. The man laid down right as the unit was approaching, although once he tried to escape, show control Cast Members were forced to lay on top of him until Chiba Prefectural Police could arrive on the scene and arrest the man.

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