Minions-Themed U-Design Kiosk Pops Up at Evil Stuff Gift Shop in Universal Studios Florida


Minions-Themed U-Design Kiosk Pops Up at Evil Stuff Gift Shop in Universal Studios Florida

A new U-Design Kiosk has popped up at the recently-opened Evil Stuff Gift Shop with new designs including Villain-Con art, Minions themes, and more in Universal Studios Florida.

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Both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure have U-Design Kiosks around various gift shops. Usually, they are themed to whichever land they happen to be in. As the Minions take over the Production Central area of the Studios park, we’ve seen a new Villain-Con and Minion-themed U-Design Kiosk at the new Evil Stuff Gift Shop. Let’s take a closer look.

Minions U-Design Kiosk at Evil Stuff

u-design kiosk
Evil Stuff USF

Evil Stuff is intended to be the primary merchandise location for the upcoming Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction, with this particular machine sporting an orange and purple color scheme to match the theming of the building’s interior.

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Above the touch screens, there is a clear display case of the phone cases, magnets, headphone cases, and Apple Watch bands guests can design using the kiosk. Items may also be personalized for an additional charge.

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There’s a fairly diverse display of choices, including different variations of the Villain-Con logo, featuring a globe with mischievous eyes. Your name can be printed on the lower portion of the case, or you may also have something more related to the attraction placed there — such as the “So Much Fun, It’s a Crime” motto.

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Other selections in the line-up include Minions artwork with some of their famous phrases, such as “Bello,” and a relatable “So Lazy, Can’t Move” caption depicting one Minion laying down with their phone falling on their face as they fall asleep.

minions phone cases

There is a black and yellow case that features “Villain-Con International” with two tiny bombs separating the words. It encircles the Villain-Con globe with the evil eyes. If you choose to personalize this case, your name will appear on the bottom across the black stripe.

The next case features the Universal Studio logo at the top and “Have a bad day” written several times, with one bolded and colorful in the middle. An evil Minion looks unamused at the bottom.

Next, we have a clear phone case with images of various Minions and bananas all over it. If you choose to personalize this case, your name will appear on the bottom across the black stripe.

The last case is just a big close up picture of a Minion’s face.

u design villain con usf 9

If you choose not to design your own case, or don’t want it personalized, you may also purchase one of the pre-made cases hanging below the U-Design Kiosk.

Villain-Con Minion Blast

Illumination's minion land concept art

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast is a moving walkway stand-through shooting attraction. The attraction was developed in partnership between Universal’s award-winning creative team and the filmmakers from Illumination. This interactive blaster game experience invites guests to compete against each other in hopes to join the franchise’s most dastardly supervillains.

The experience will utilize screen technology, gaming interactivity, and physical sets to create a unique, game-based adventure. Guests will put their villainous skills to the test in these immersive environments, where they’ll spot nefarious evil-doers and mischievous Minions from Illumination’s films. The attraction promises to allow guests to interact with these characters in a whole new way.

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For a look at the new Evil Stuff Gift Shop itself, including photos and video, check out our detailed article.

If you’re curious about more Villain-Con merchandise, check out our full list of everything (with prices) at Evil Stuff here.

Have you ever used a U-Design Kiosk? Interested in trying one out? Let us know in the comments.

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