PHOTOS: More Details Added to ‘Monster Gram Pictures Studios’ Theming at All Hallows Eve Boutique

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Details Added to ‘Monster Gram Pictures Studios’ Theming at All Hallows Eve Boutique

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Details Added to ‘Monster Gram Pictures Studios’ Theming at All Hallows Eve Boutique

More details have been added to All Hallows Eve Boutique in Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which currently has a “Monster Gram Pictures Studios” theme.

Monster Gram Pictures Studios

monster gram pictures

This summer’s theme of the year-round Halloween shop in The Lost Continent features Universal Classic Monsters making a film. All Hallows Eve Boutique is located between Hogsmeade in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the former site of Poseidon’s Fury.

all hallows eve stage 13 details 1266

New signage on the doors state this is Stage 13 and the monsters are filming a project called “Revenge of the Red Planet.”

all hallows eve stage 13 details 1268

There’s now a script clipped to the Bride’s clipboard. It’s for “Revenge of the Red Planet” and purportedly “Based on a true story.” The Bride has added a note pointing to the latter line saying “Really?!”

The screenplay is by Dr. Jack Griffin, a.k.a. the Invisible Man. It’s directed by Frankenstein’s Monster, produced by the Bride of Frankenstein, and scored by the Phantom of the Opera.

Other notes read:

  • “Hunt for movie premiere locals!”
  • “See edits on page 6.”
  • “Needs more spacecraft.”
all hallows eve stage 13 details 1271

There’s also a poster for “Revenge of the Red Planet” in “Jaw Dropping 3D,” featuring the same credits in the bottom corner.

all hallows eve stage 13 details 1272
all hallows eve stage 13 details 1274

The poster has an image of the moon with palm trees on it, a beam of light descending from the sky into a graveyard, and UFOs. There isn’t a real “Revenge of the Red Planet” film, although there are plenty of “Revenge” films in the Universal Classic Monsters canon, as Universal has been a pioneer in the horror genre for decades.

Classic Monsters at Universal Parks

HHN31 UniversalMonsters10

Universal’s Classic Monsters used to be represented in Universal Studios Florida with Monsters Café and the Bone Chillin’ Stand, but both have now closed to make way for Minion Land.

At Halloween Horror Nights 2022, there were two Universal Monsters houses, one in Universal Studios Hollywood and one in Universal Studios Florida. Though different, the houses were connected in one big story. Other than these interconnected houses, various Universal Monsters houses and mazes have been present at Halloween Horror Nights over the years, including at Universal Studios Japan.

Beyond the houses, Universal Monsters frequently make appearances at Universal Parks around Halloween time and are featured on merchandise lines.

591497 featured

In early 2022, while Revenge of the Mummy was closed for refurbishment, its gift shop, Sahara Traders, became a Classic Monsters Tribute Store. Classic Monsters merch is still available in the store.

Universal Monsters is rumored to be the theme for one of the new Epic Universe landsUniversal Destinations & Experiences recently filed trademarks for Curse of the Werewolf, which could be an attraction, and Dark Universe, which was the name of a canceled series of Universal Monsters movies. Dark Universe could be the name of almost anything in Epic Universe, including the overall title of the Monsters land.

Universal Parks Resorts to Bring Entirely New Year Round Horror Experience to Las Vegas

The planned year-round horror destination coming to Las Vegas could also have ties to Universal Monsters.

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