New Cinderella Castle Loungefly Backpack and Mickey Mouse Tote at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

New Cinderella Castle Loungefly Backpack and Mickey Mouse Tote at Magic Kingdom

A new Cinderella Castle Loungefly mini backpack and a Mickey Mouse tote bag are available at Walt Disney World Resort. We found them both in the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom recently.

Cinderella Castle Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78

mk castle loungefly backpack 0851

The Loungefly is a dark blue, like the night sky.

cinderella castle loungefly

Red, yellow, and green fireworks go off above Cinderella Castle on the front of the bag. The castle is bright pink, royal blue, gold, and gray — its relatively new paint scheme. Mickey Mouse stands in the castle’s archway entrance.

mk castle loungefly backpack 0854

Green lampposts, similar to those on Main Street, U.S.A., are pictured on the side pockets.

mk castle loungefly backpack 0855

The straps are a brighter blue than the rest of the bag. The side pockets and zippers are also lined with the same blue.

mk castle loungefly backpack 0856

Three yellow fireworks — making a Mickey head — are on the back.

mk castle loungefly backpack 0857

“Walt Disney World” is printed in white below the fireworks.

mk castle loungefly backpack 0858
mk castle loungefly backpack 0859

The interior lining is dark blue with fireworks and Tinker Bell.

Mickey Mouse Tote – $34.99

mickey tote 0840

The Mickey tote is white with a light blue bottom.

mickey mouse tote

The design on the front features Mickey in a green top, red pants, and red shorts. He’s in front of a rainbow and clouds, with “Mickey and Friends” above him. Pastel flowers are embroidered beneath him.

mickey tote 0842

“Walt Disney World” is embroidered in white on the blue section of the bag.

mickey tote 0843

The interior lining is the same light shade of blue.

mickey tote 0844

There’s a small zip pocket inside.

mickey tote 0848

The large pocket has a magnet enclosure.

mickey tote 0846

The other side of the bag is plain.

Would you take either of these items with you on your next trip to a Disney park? Let us know in the comments.

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