New Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World Apparel Available

New Walt Disney World apparel (and a Disneyland Resort ball cap) that mostly features Mickey Mouse is now available.

Mickey Ball Cap – $29.99

wdw apparel 7828

This black ball cap has Mickey’s face in silver on the front.

wdw apparel 7842

Mickey’s winking.

wdw apparel 7829

“Walt Disney World” is across the back, also in silver.

wdw apparel 7831

Disneyland Peace Ball Cap – $29.99

wdw apparel 7832

The Disneyland Resort ball cap is also black, but with Mickey’s white-gloved hand making a peace sign on the front.

wdw apparel 7833

“Disneyland Resort” is embroidered in white on the back.

wdw apparel 7841

There’s also an embroidered image of Mickey in a green shirt and red pants.

Retro Walt Disney World Tee – $34.99

wdw apparel 9681

This ringer tee is white with navy blue at the neck and sleeve edges.

wdw apparel 9682

“Walt Disney World” is on the chest in red lettering, with a blue version of the Mickey globe logo layered over the words.

wdw apparel 9685

The back is blank.

Long-Sleeved Mickey Tee – $39.99

wdw apparel 9688

The long-sleeved shirt is white with Mickey’s face on the left breast.

wdw apparel 9689

“Walt Disney World” is beneath him.

wdw apparel 9690

His hand making a peace sign covers the entire back.

Mickey Pullover Sweatshirt – $59.99

wdw apparel 9692

The sweatshirt is a tan off-white color, with a smaller version of his hand making the peace sign on the chest.

wdw apparel 9693
wdw apparel 9694

Mickey’s face is on the wrist of the right sleeve.

wdw apparel 9696

The back is blank.

Mickey & Friends Tee – $29.99

wdw apparel 9703

Finally, we found this off-white T-shirt featuring a grid of Mickey and his friends (the Sensational Six).

wdw apparel 9705

Pluto, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Minnie, and Goofy are depicted in Brady Bunch-esque squares with “Walt Disney World” beneath them.

wdw apparel 9706

The ball caps were in World of Disney at Disney Springs, while the shirts were in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

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