New Disney Munchlings Potholder, Bags, Charm, and Magnets at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

Collage of Disney Munchlings merchandise

New Disney Munchlings Potholder, Bags, Charm, and Magnets at Walt Disney World

More Disney Munchlings merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World this month. This series of merch features Disney characters as fun treats like cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. The characters are available as scented plush, but we’ve recently found a Munchlings potholder, a backpack, crossbody bags, a phone charm, and a magnet set.

Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Munchlings Potholder with Gummies – $16.99

munchlings merch wdw 4201

This potholder comes with strawberry gummies.

munchlings merch wdw 4200

Minnie Mouse as a strawberry cupcake is embroidered on the front of the potholder, which is itself shaped like a cupcake. The Minnie cupcake is chocolate brown. She’s in a pink cupcake wrapper with a dollop of pink frosting a strawberry bow.

munchlings merch wdw 4202

The opening of the potholder can be held shut with a pink button and string.

munchlings merch wdw 4203
munchlings merch wdw 4204
munchlings merch wdw 4205

The potholder’s fabric pattern features dripping pink and white stripes covered in colorful sprinkles.

munchlings merch wdw 4207
munchlings merch wdw 4208

We found it in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Disney Munchlings Phone Charm – $14.99

munchlings merch wdw 4528

Also at the Emporium was this bag charm. It has pearlescent white beads, with smaller colorful beads between them.

munchlings merch wdw 4529

After every two white beads is a star-shaped bead in yellow, pink, or purple.

munchlings merch wdw 4532

Charms of some of the Disney Munchlings characters hang from the string.

munchlings merch wdw 4533

It includes the Winnie the Pooh honey cake, Minnie Mouse strawberry cupcake, Stitch pineapple upside-down cake, Eeyore blueberry muffin, Baymax s’mores, and Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll.

Disney Munchlings Magnet Set – $24.99

munchlings merch wdw 6229

This set includes four three-dimensional magnets representing the Minnie strawberry cupcake, Mickey cinnamon roll, Baymax s’mores, and Stitch pineapple upside-down cake.

munchlings merch wdw 6231

We spotted this set in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Munchlings Backpack – $44.99

munchlings merch wdw 4354

Over in the Creations Shop at EPCOT, we found this Minnie Mouse backpack. It looks almost exactly like the original Minnie Mouse strawberry cupcake Munchlings plush.

munchlings merch wdw 4355

However, there is a vertical zipper down the back and two adjustable pink straps.

munchlings merch wdw 4356

There’s also a small handle on the top.

munchlings merch wdw 4357
munchlings merch wdw 4358

Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Roll Munchlings Crossbody Purse – $34.99

munchlings merch wdw 4360

Also at the Creations Shop were two crossbody purses. This one is inspired by the original Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll plush. Mickey is depicted in light brown with soft white icing. He’s winking and saving.

munchlings merch wdw 4361

It has a detachable, adjustable brown strap above a horizontal zipper.

munchlings merch wdw 4364
munchlings merch wdw 4363

Winnie the Pooh Honey Cake Munchlings Crossbody Purse – $34.99

munchlings merch wdw 4365

This crossbody looks like the Pooh bear honey cake, complete with a swirl on the front and back.

munchlings merch wdw 4366

It has a zipper going over the top and a red strap matching Winnie the Pooh’s red shirt.

munchlings merch wdw 4369
munchlings merch wdw 4368

If the Munchlings merchandise is making you crave sweets, there are also Munchlings candy bars. Check out even more Disney Munchlings merchandise:

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