FIRST LOOK: Inside ‘Zootopia’ Land Opening This Year at Shanghai Disneyland

Brit Tuttle

FIRST LOOK: Inside ‘Zootopia’ Land Opening This Year at Shanghai Disneyland

A new photo has surfaced on social media showing a glimpse inside the upcoming ‘Zootopia’ land set to open in Shanghai Disneyland later this year.

New Photo Inside Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disney Resort

The image was shared via Twitter by user @_ultros, with the translated text “First image of the interior of the Zootopia area which will open next year at Shanghai Disneyland!” You can check out the original tweet below:

zootopia land concept art

This photo showcases a glimpse at buildings seen previously in concept art that was released back in 2022. The colorful buildings look like they jumped straight out of the concept art and into the real world.

‘Zootopia’ Land Opening Later in 2023

Back in May, we reported that construction was nearly complete on the new themed land, which is based upon the 2016 hit film, “Zootopia.”

zootopia ride concept art

In the main attraction for the “Zootopia” land, guests will join the Zootopia Police Department and fight crime alongside Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the film, as they race through the vast city streets.

“Zootopia” is an extremely popular franchise in China, where $220 million of its $1 billion box office gross was made, and it is still in the top 50 highest-earning films throughout Chinese cinema history as of this year.

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