Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear to be Featured on First New Merchandise Item in Years for Splash Mountain ‘Get Wet MAX’ at Tokyo Disneyland

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Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear to be Featured on First New Merchandise Item in Years for Splash Mountain ‘Get Wet MAX’ at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland has revealed a seasonal frame featuring Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear for the on-ride photo of Splash Mountain “Get Wet MAX!”

Splash Mountain “Get Wet MAX!” On-Ride Photo Frame

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The frame features the logo for Splash Mountain “Get Wet MAX!” in the upper corner. Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox are at the bottom, looking up at guests as they splash down the mountain. The image will be printed on the photo.

The item is significant as it is the first item featuring the Br’er characters to be released in any country since Disney announced the closure of the attraction in Florida and California. It was believed Tokyo Disney Resort was not allowed to utilize the characters in merchandise or marketing any longer, but it seems that is not true.

The design was actually the on-ride photo frame a decade ago but with the regular Splash Mountain logo instead of the “Get Wet Max!” logo. There was a similar seasonal Easter frame, too, in 2017.

The usual frame features all the characters from the ride but hasn’t changed in several years.


Splash Mountain “Get Wet MAX!” is a version of the ride with a little more water than usual to help combat the hot and humid Tokyo summers. It debuted last summer and is returning from July 4 through September 6, 2023. Last year, the main change was just an extra mist machine at the ride’s climactic drop.

Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is preparing for the summer in a few ways. In Toontown, extra water features have been installed for guests get soaked.

Tokyo Disneyland guests can also enjoy “Baymax’s Mission Cooldown” this summer. The short two-float cavalcade will roll down the parade route three times daily. In the summertime splash event, guests in certain areas of the park can expect to be soaked to the bone by water sprayed from the float, as Baymax works to keep everyone cool and happy. Splash Mountain Get Wet MAX will also return from July 4 to September 6.

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, a special harbor greeting featuring Duffy & Friends will circle Mediterranean Harbor twice daily, and a new line of Duffy merchandise will be released. As well, guests can enjoy the return of the wet course on Aquatopia for the first time since 2019.

Though not a water-based overlay, the Vacation Jamboree will not return to Country Bear Theater this summer and evidence suggests it may never return.

Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland

For Tokyo Disneyland, Imagineers created a brand new Critter Country. Here it would be a sort of sub-land to Westernland (their version of Frontierland). This allowed Splash Mountain to fit in better with its surroundings.

Although the exterior of Tokyo’s Splash Mountain is similar to the one in California with its towering Chick-A-Pin Hill, the actual track layout is somewhat different. Also, the loading and unloading of the logs take place in two different locations, and these activities are located inside the mountain. In addition, the logs were re-engineered to create less of a splash due to the harsher winters and cultural differences (hence the need for the “Get Wet MAX!” summer version).

The Tokyo version also contains a two-story, counter-service restaurant, Grandma Sara’s Kitchen, deep within the mountain. That version of the attraction opened on October 1, 1992.

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