PHOTOS: New Construction Walls Up Around Starbucks in EPCOT

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: New Construction Walls Up Around Starbucks in EPCOT

We saw new construction walls up around Starbucks near Refreshment Port in EPCOT today at Walt Disney World.

New Construction Walls in EPCOT

EPCOT Starbucks walls 4

New construction walls have gone up around the Starbucks adjacent to Refreshment Port on the Rose Path. This Starbucks was built in 2019 as a temporary location.

EPCOT Starbucks walls 7

The walls are sage green and are short in stature. They are likely installed for basic refurbishment work or for minor construction only.

EPCOT Starbucks walls 1
New construction walls have gone up around Starbucks at EPCOT.

The Starbucks logo sign featuring the iconic green and white siren has also been removed from the exterior of the building.

EPCOT Starbucks walls 5

Refreshment Port is still accessible outside the walls.

EPCOT Starbucks walls 3
EPCOT Starbucks walls 2

A tarp has been placed inside the walls, as well as several boards on the concrete.

Other Construction at EPCOT

Several other construction projects are currently taking place at EPCOT.

Refurbishment of World Discovery

The popcorn stand in World Discovery is now open to guests, no longer surrounded by construction walls and privacy planters. The stand is located in directly across from the MISSION: Space attraction. The refurbishment took about two months to complete.

A new popcorn stand is open in EPCOT.

When we first reported the construction back at the beginning of March 2023, the metal bars below the curved red and silver structure were colored blue. Now, we can see that they have been painted silver to match the roof of the stand.

Plenty of other construction is also underway at EPCOT with the ComminiCore Hall ConstructionJourney of Water Inspired by Moana construction, and the start of the removal of the Harmonious barges.

Harmonious Barge Removal

Aerial photographer @bioreconstruct shared photos of Harmonious barges being demolished backstage at EPCOT. Two of the taco-shaped barges, plus the circular “stargate” barge, have now been removed from World Showcase Lagoon. The final performance of Harmonious was on April 2, and the first barge was gone as of April 10.

Communicore Hall Construction

epcot construction feb 2023 3735

The new CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will serve as a multi-functional space that will be used during the park’s various festivals. The hall will be home to a Mickey & Friends meet and greet, a demo kitchen, a mixology bar, a gallery space, and more. Disney has stated this space will be used for a variety of festival offerings at EPCOT throughout the year.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana Construction

Moana Journey of Water construction 3

According to CEO Bob Iger, Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” is the last step in the years-long EPCOT reimagining. It’s expected to open later this year, along with Dreamer’s Point, CommuniCore Hall, and CommuniCore Plaza.

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What do you think they’ll work on behind these walls? Are you excited to see more construction work at EPCOT, or are you ready for it to be done? We’d like to see your opinions in the comments below.

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