PHOTOS: United Kingdom Restrooms Close for Refurbishment, World ShowPlace Restrooms Open at EPCOT

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PHOTOS: United Kingdom Restrooms Close for Refurbishment, World ShowPlace Restrooms Open at EPCOT

As one restroom reopens at EPCOT, another has closed for refurbishment with the United Kingdom restrooms now shuttered for refurbishment.

United Kingdom Restrooms Closed for Refurbishment

UnitedKingdomBathroomsClosed 4

A quick trip out into World Showcase today revealed the restrooms adjacent to The Crown & Crest at EPCOT had walls around them today. The adjacent fountain is also turned off.

UnitedKingdomBathroomsClosed 3

Signage on the walls directs guests to use the World ShowPlace restrooms while these are under refurbishment.

UnitedKingdomBathroomsClosed 1
UnitedKingdomBathroomsClosed 2

Heading towards Canada, one gate for World ShowPlace is open, lined with planters. The entire facility is not guest-accessible at this time, only the restrooms.

This of course comes on the heels of the World Nature restrooms reopening from a yearlong refurbishment. We aren’t sure how long the United Kingdom restrooms will be closed, but it’s probably not likely to be as long as the most recent EPCOT restroom refurbishment took.

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World Showcase Refurbishments

For a few months now, the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase at EPCOT has been going through some exterior refurbishments. Most notably, the replica of the national treasure Nejjarine Fountain has been behind planters for quite some time to accommodate a crane. So we checked in at Morocco to see the latest.

MoroccoEpcot052723 1
MoroccoEpcot052723 2
MoroccoEpcot052723 3

After the scrims came down recently on the front side of the structure, we figured there would still be a bit more repainting left to do. But it seems the front area will remain with this two-tone look.

MoroccoEpcot052723 4

Within the plaza, one planter with bench space has its corner blocked off for work, presumably to fix guest-induced damage.

MoroccoEpcot052723 9

Considering the state of another part of the planter, this seems well overdue.

MoroccoEpcot052723 5
MoroccoEpcot052723 6

Back at the Nejjarine Fountain, we were able to hear the water running in the fountain itself, but the planters remained up to cover the equipment being stored.

MoroccoEpcot052723 7
MoroccoEpcot052723 8

The right-hand area of the courtyard is also currently behind planters, covering up a permanent flower bed like the one we saw earlier. Presumably this one also needs to be fixed up after years of damage.

The original Nejjarine Fountain is located in Fez, a city in Morocco, as part of the Funduq al-Najjarin, a traditional rest house built in the 18th century as part of the city’s Medina old town. Having been in constant use since its construction, it’s designated as a landmark in Morocco. The Funduq al-Najjarin has since been transformed into the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts, welcoming visitors to Fez and introducing the history of traditional carpentry in Morocco.

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