PHOTOS: Disneyland Already Replacing All Artificial Turf Throughout Mickey’s Toontown Only Months After Reopening Land

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PHOTOS: Disneyland Already Replacing All Artificial Turf Throughout Mickey’s Toontown Only Months After Reopening Land

It seems Disneyland Resort is hard at work redoing some of the landscaping they’d previously installed for Mickey’s Toontown, as the walls are now back up around a second patch of grass used as a picnic area in the land.

Walls Return to Mickey’s Toontown

ToontownWallsReturn 1

Black scrim and walls surround the grassy area just inside Mickey’s Toontown as refurbishment work is already getting underway in the land. With Mickey’s Toontown having fully opened to guests less than three months ago, the spaces already needing refurbishment is surprising.

ToontownWallsReturn 2

The black scrims extend up to the end of the planter at the land’s entrance, where guests cannot access the space. From there on, full wood walls extend across this entire grassy area.

first look mickeys toontown 0253

For reference, here’s how the space appeared during opening. It’s not particularly remarkable or complicated, with only some trees and light posts installed in the space between the astroturf. The space is designed to be an area for guests to relax, or for kids to run around and burn some extra steam. On occasion, much of it has also been repurposed as stroller and wheelchair parking as well for nearby Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

ToontownWallsReturn 3
ToontownWallsReturn 4

Various character designs line the walls with fun taglines and puns, fitting for the Mickey’s Toontown space.

ToontownWallsReturn 5

Some benches also line the walls, allowing guests to relax. The former barn for the Jolly Trolley is currently open as space for parking wheelchairs and strollers.

This refurbishment comes on the heels of a sudden closure of CenTOONial park and the Dreaming Tree a couple weeks ago. Walls came down on that space last week, revealing no outwardly visible changes except the replacement of some rubber flooring around the tree.

Disneyland Resort officials released a statement to local media stating that the green spaces around Mickey’s Toontown will be progressively refurbished through mid-July, and walls will be installed at applicable areas while work is underway.

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The Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown

MickeysToontownNewSign2023 7

Mickey’s Toontown reopened to the public in Disneyland on March 19, 2023. Extensive repairs and changes were made to the land, including an increase in green spaces, quiet areas for guest relaxation and comfort, and added shade to the land. 

Iconic structures guests known and loved since 1993, including Mickey and Minnie’s houses, received fresh paint in slightly toned-down hues. They otherwise remain unchanged. There are also two new dining venues in the land. 

At the newly opened Café Daisy, offerings include hot dogs, pizza, and a Spring Garden Wrap. Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade, Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea, and Specialty Cold Brrr-ew are also available alongside standard fountain drinks and prepackaged water and juices. Check out our review of every item here.

Good Boy! Grocers is the second new venue in the land. It is a farmer’s market-style stand with grab-and-go items, and it replaced the former Goofy’s Gas Station.

mickeys toontown pete meet and greet 5057

Character meet-and-greets have resumed in Mickey’s Toontown, including Mickey and the gang, as well as a very special debut of Pete. One character even received a new costume for the grand reopening!

CenTOONial Park features two water tables and a Dreaming Tree that young ones can use for play. Donald’s Boat and Goofy’s house have been refurbished, with the latter now also holding Goofy’s How-to-Play Yard, which offers a sound garden and elevated clubhouse. Meanwhile, Gadget’s Go Coaster has become Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Gadget Coaster, though it will still be centered around Gadget Hackwrench. The centerpiece of the new land, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, opened in late January.

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