Pete to Meet and Greet Guests in Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

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Pete to Meet and Greet Guests in Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

Guests at Mickey’s Toontown will be the first to see Pete’s debut as a meet and greet character when the land reopens this weekend at Disneyland Resort. This will be Pete’s first ever meet and greet experience at a Disney Park.

Mickey’s Toontown Debuts New Character Meet and Greet

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Pete is a long-standing character in the Disney universe. He first appeared in the 1925 Alice comedy short film called “Alice Solves the Puzzle,” where he was known as “Bootleg Pete.” This early version of Pete was a villainous bear who frequently got into trouble with the law.

Pete has never before been available for a meet and greet in a Disney Park.

In 1928, Pete was reimagined as a cat and appeared in the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Steamboat Willie.” In this cartoon, Pete was the captain of the steamboat that Mickey worked on, and he played the role of the antagonist.

Over the years, Pete has appeared in various Disney cartoons and has had different roles, from a villain to a friend of Mickey’s. He is usually portrayed as a bumbling and comical character, but he can also be devious and cunning.

Pete has been featured in numerous Disney video games and home entertainment media, including the “Kingdom Hearts” series and Gameloft’s mobile game “Disney Magic Kingdoms,” where he is a recurring antagonist. He is also available as a playable villain in the popular board game “Disney Villainous,” contained in the “Perfectly Wretched” expansion. This expansion also includes Mother Gothel and Cruella de Vil.

In recent years, Pete has made appearances in various Disney television shows and movies, such as “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Mickey and the Roadster Racers.” Pete has had a long and varied history in the Disney universe and remains a recognizable character.

Minnie's house in Mickey's Toontown.

Other New Additions in Mickey’s Toontown

Pete’s meet and greet isn’t the only new addition to this land.

Mickey’s Toontown now also features two new dining locations, replacing previous installments. There are also new foods to try, including both savory and sweet options.

New lighting has been installed in the land to delight guests after dark. In addition, Mickey’s Toontown will have a “goodnight kiss” feature at the CenTOONial Park fountain. This will involve thirty minutes of water, light, and music and will occur just before the park’s nighttime spectacular. The land will still need to close during fireworks.

Many previously available experiences have been refreshed with new paint, and more greenery has been added.

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Mickey’s Toontown has been closed for over a year for a reimagining. The new main attraction in the land, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, opened on January 27.

Are you excited to see Pete added to the meet and greet line up? Will we see you in line to chat with him? We’d love to see your opinions in the comments below!

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