Closer Look at Disney100 ‘Mickey Through the Years’ Medals & Pin for runDisney Virtual Series

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Closer Look at Disney100 ‘Mickey Through the Years’ Medals & Pin for runDisney Virtual Series

Back in April, runDisney revealed the Disney100 “Mickey Through the Years” medals for their upcoming virtual series. Today, they shared a closer look at the medals, which have spinning images, and the box they come in.

2023 runDisney Virtual Series

Watch the video of the medals in the embedded Tweet below or keep scrolling for a closer look at each item in the box.

rundisney medals

The box is purple with four versions of Mickey on top: Sorcerer Mickey, Steamboat Willie Mickey, Runaway Railway Mickey, and Disney100 Mickey.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.05 PM

The box includes a note from Vice President of runDisney Faron D. Kelley:

Whether you wore running shoes, sorcerer’s apprentice shoes, or yellow shoes, we hope you had a swell time Celebrating 100 Years of Disney Featuring Mickey Through the Years during our Summer 2023 Virtual Series—the eighth edition of this awesome event! The fittingly-themed bling that’s enclosed should help make your achievement even more magical.

Thanks for being part of our community…and part of the magic. And be sure to visit to find out about upcoming in-person and virtual events. Now can I get an ‘Oh, boy?!’

Faron D. Kelley
disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.09 PM

The runDisney virtual series includes three 5Ks, each with their own medal featuring a different Mickey. The fourth medal is for runners who complete all three 5Ks in the challenge. This is what the box will look like if you participate in the challenge and get all four medals.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.48.40 PM

Each medal is purple and sparkly platinum, shaped like the Disney100 logo. The ribbons are purple on one side and silver on the other side, with different colored lettering that matches the theme of the race or challenge. “runDisney Virtual 5K 2023” is in the first zero of the “100” on the 5K medals.

Steamboat Willie 5K

disney100 virtual mickey medals 4.06.15 PM

The second zero of each “100” spins, revealing two images. As we’ve previously seen, one side of this zero features Mickey at the wheel of Steamboat Willie. The other side shows the boat itself.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.14 PM

Sorcerer’s Apprentice 5K

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.48.49 PM

Sorcerer Mickey is marching across one side of the zero on this medal.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 4.06.27 PM

The other side features an animated broomstick carrying two buckets of water.

Runaway Railway 5K

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.11 PM

Mickey and Minnie are both on one side of the zero on the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway medal.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 4.05.57 PM

On the other side, they’re riding the Runnamuck Railroad train.

Disney100 Challenge

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.20 PM

This two-sided medal features the same image on both sides.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.48.54 PM

But one side actually pops off as a three-dimensional magnet to display elsewhere. The other side is more flat.

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.49.22 PM

Virtual Challenge Pin

disney100 virtual mickey medals 3.58.39 PM

In addition to the medals, there’s a pin resembling the challenge medal, complete with a ribbon at the top.

Will you be running one or all of the 2023 runDisney virtual 5Ks? Let us know in the comments!

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