PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour The NEW ‘The Little Mermaid’ Fifth Sleeper Hotel Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour The NEW ‘The Little Mermaid’ Fifth Sleeper Hotel Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

If you or your little ones dream about life under the sea, there’s no better place to stay now than Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, where you can enjoy a brand-new room themed to “The Little Mermaid!” Naturally, we stopped in to stay at the new room and take a tour of the space.

Enjoy a video tour above, or scroll down for a photo tour.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Theme Comes to Caribbean Beach Fifth Sleeper Rooms

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 1

The new rooms replace the former pirate-themed rooms in the Trinidad section of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 13

These fifth sleeper rooms feature a look based on the 1989 animated version of “The Little Mermaid.”

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 14
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 15

A quick survey of the room reveals a reasonable amount of space for up to five guests to sleep. There’s one bed plus a twin pull-out and a collapsing couch Murphy bed on opposite sides of each other.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 16
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 17

Let’s take a closer look at each of these spaces.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 18
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 19

This may be the biggest mirror we’ve ever seen in a Disney Hotel room.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 20

The air conditioning unit remains the same, but has a metallic finish.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 21

The curtains meanwhile are new, but have a general Caribbean theme rather than “The Little Mermaid.” There’s some hidden Mickeys as well as starfish, seaweed, and other sights one might expect.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 5

The smallest of the pull-down beds acts as a sitting area when not in use. Some drawers below add to the storage space available.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 4

A card with instructions on how to safely pull down the beds are on top of this particular shelf. Also present are two grounded power outlets, a USB-C port, and a USB-A port.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 2

Once open, it reveals a twin mattress.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 3

We see the Duke of Soul and other members of the band from the “Under the Sea” sequence fast asleep as well. This is also the first time there’s no light on the pull-down fifth sleeper for the first time.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 10

The first collapsible bed is hidden by a seafoam green couch.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 9

Some art featuring fish from “The Little Mermaid” adds a decorative touch when the bed is not in use.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 11

There’s a small coffee table in place right in front of the couch for general lounging in the room. It also acts as a support for the bed when pulled down. This does come on wheels.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 12

The top pops off to reveal some extra storage space.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 6

The space pulls down to reveal a bed, where the extra pillows in the closet will come in handy.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 7

The art above depicts Flounder and other fishes taking a snooze among Ariel’s collection. A light switch for the light above hangs on the side.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 27

There’s some storage space under the bed as is the trend with modern Disney hotel rooms.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 28
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 43

A small nightstand sits between the two beds, with the room’s phone as well as another set of outlets and light switches. Some more storage space is down here as well as a drawer with the Gideon Bible.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 29

A small table and more outlets are on the other side.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 30

The bed also has two sets of reading lights and its own set of overhead lighting as well.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 22

If you worry about storage space, these rooms should help assuage those fears. Three more large drawers sit on the edge, with plenty of countertop space as well.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 23

Underneath the central area we have the mini-fridge.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 24

On the left is the garbage pail and recycling on the bottom, with the safe atop behind a door.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 26

On the far left side is a coffee station with some extra shelves showing off more sea creatures from “The Little Mermaid.”

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 25

The Cuisinart may not be the best in-room coffee maker at a Walt Disney World resort, it still does the job though. Joffrey’s coffee and Twinings tea are both provided.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 31

The bathroom is of course located in the rear, and is accessed via a sliding door, another trend we’ve seen since the renovated rooms at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort a few years back.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 32

There’s a dot pattern on the door to give it some texture.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 33

The bathroom space is fairly standard, with plenty more storage space. Some cubbies and a closet sit to the right.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 34

There’s a double vanity setup, helpful for getting out the door and into the parks. The new blue and white tiling is quite nice, adding a splash of color to the sand color palette.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 35

A stepstool is installed on the left side which slides out so little ones can access the sink easily. The side has a little Mickey silhouette carved on the bottom.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 36

Meanwhile another drawer is on the right.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 42

A mirror with a ring light hangs off the left. Another sliding door separates the toilet and shower.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 37

The tile pattern continues in here, with a fairly standard setup in the toilet area.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 40

The most recognizable art is above the toilet, featuring Flounder and Sebastian.

CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 41
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 38
CaribbeanBeachLittleMermaidRoomTour 39

Inside the shower, we have a little cubby for your own toiletries plus the standard set of three Disney reusable bottles as well.

Overall, the switch from “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “The Little Mermaid” felt somewhat disappointing, as we were big fans of the former theme and there are also already rooms for “The Little Mermaid” at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort that are highly themed.

Guests wishing to book this room may find it a bit difficult, as there is no dedicated category for this type specifically. Our recommendation is that you book a fifth sleeper room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, then do a building request for Trinidad buildings, specifically Trinidad South. While there’s no guarantee your request will be met, this is your best possible chance.

Take a look at the former Pirate rooms here.

Let us know what you think of these new rooms in the comments below!

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