Why You Need to Buy a DVC Resale Contract ASAP

Alessa Dufresne

Why You Need to Buy a DVC Resale Contract ASAP

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If going to Walt Disney World every year is something you plan to do, finding a financially viable way to make that work is important. A Walt Disney World vacation may not always be the most affordable, and doing that every year can feel difficult at times, especially with prices of tickets and hotels fluctuating so often.

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DVC Resale Market has a solution to being able to afford Disney vacations for years to come, and it’s the lowest priced solution yet! Since Disney Vacation Club contracts hit the market, they have been steadily increasing in cost. Many Disney fans who have shown interest in buying into DVC over the years tend to have the thought, “I wish I bought in sooner.” Each year that goes by, we tend to see the price for a DVC contract increase, making the possibility of owning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge or Disney’s Riviera Resort feel financially impossible.

Although Disney may have high costs when it comes to purchasing a DVC contract, there is a way around those prices that can have you owning the same contract, at a fraction of the cost — meaning you would be saving thousands. If you look to purchase a resale contract instead of through Disney, the price point dramatically drops, meaning you can spend a lot more money on snacks, merchandise, Mickey ears, and churros! Buying a DVC Resale Market contract means you will be buying a contract from someone who previously owned it. Because of this, the contract price will be much less than what Disney would offer if you bought it from them.

So why buy into DVC now? Let’s look at a few reasons:

1. Low/No Right of First Refusal 

Since DVC Resale Market is reselling a Disney DVC contract, Disney has to approve the sale. Often, when the deal is too good and the price for the contract is much lower than Disney’s offer, Disney may block the sale from happening. Lucky for you, this has been happening less and less lately.

Currently, Disney’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR) rate for points purchased through the resale market is at an all-time low. This makes it easier for buyers to purchase a contract since Disney exercises its right of first refusal less often than usual. With 2022 having the highest rate of buybacks ever by Disney, we don’t know how long this trend will last. This means the sooner you act, the better chance you have of avoiding this stressful process.

2. Prices Increases

At the moment, we are starting to see the beginning of price increases when it comes to DVC. This would be the first time prices have increased in nearly a year, which means the low prices you see today could be gone shortly. Earlier, we discussed how many Disney fans who are interested in DVC tell themselves that they wish they had bought sooner, while prices were much lower as they constantly continue to rise. That trend will always continue to move in a uphill trajectory overall, so buying in now will allow you to get a fantastic deal while the market is selling low. In a sense, it allows you to turn back the clock and buy DVC at a rate that may have been offered by Disney years ago, today.

3. Most Listings Ever

If you like variety, now is a great time to look into a DVC contract. When picking your home resort, you may want something specific. Typically, if you buy from Disney, you can get what you want, but you’ll pay quite the price. Whereas when buying a resale contract, you have to pick from what’s available. But at the moment, there are so many different contracts available that you will be able to pick the perfect contract at the perfect price!

DVC Resale Market has the largest variety on the market right now, so taking a look at their listings would give you the best chance to find what you want at a low cost.

4. Low Up Front Costs

Being a Disney Vacation Club member is a goal for many Walt Disney World fans, considering it gives you the guaranteed option of having a place to stay at least once a year. You can choose your home resort, which is always a deluxe resort, and it’s something you can share and pass down to your family for decades. Suppose you plan on visiting a Disney property for the next 40 years and want to stay in a deluxe-level resort. In that case, it’s no question that DVC will provide you with savings in comparison to what Disney offers on their website for regular guests looking to book similar rooms. That being said, DVC memberships are quite costly.

You have to pay each year for your membership, pay added yearly fees, closing costs, and a hefty down payment. So, unless you have $35,000+ or more ready to pay (or you’re willing to finance at a high-interest rate), DVC may feel like an unattainable goal. Buying through Disney might not be affordable for many Disney fans, but purchasing a resale contract from DVC Resale Market is!

One of the best perks that DVC Resale Market offers is the low down payment options. As DVC Resale Market states, “by financing through Monera Financial, you’re able to roll in the majority costs! In the past, if you were financing, closing costs used to be an additional out-of-pocket expense. But now with the ability to roll the majority of those costs in, buyers can take advantage of the current market, with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Buyers who finance these contracts through Monera Financial will enjoy low upfront costs – under $2,000! This includes the down payment, closing costs, and loan origination fees. These listings are perfect for first-time buyers looking to dip their toes into Membership, or existing Members with a smaller budget looking to add on.”

Read more on that here.

5. Amazing Contracts and Savings 

The combination of Disney’s low Right of First Refusal rate, high inventory levels, and motivated sellers has resulted in some fantastic buyer opportunities for DVC contracts available on the resale market right now. This means that you not only have your pick of the litter, but you have it at the lowest price available. Considering the DVC market is always in flux and can change at any point, this window of opportunity may not last forever. Taking advantage of the variety and low prices now will help you save in the future.

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If you are thinking of purchasing through DVC Resale Market and you want to explore your options further, click here to get started! You are already one step closer to riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom, dropping in on Tower of Terror or strolling through Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, eating and drinking around the world at EPCOT (with a nighttime ride on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind of course), and seeing a real safari ride and exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Is anyone else ready to make a Park Pass Reservation after thinking of all of that?

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  1. Just remember when you buy a resale you are limited to certain resorts. After not sure what year it was disney changed the policy on resales use to be a resale had all the options as buying new from dvc. It included disney cruise line and other ways to travel. No more . Only if you did a resale purchase before the year disney changed it. All those who did were grandfather in. So find out all the new rules before you buy a resale.

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