Disneyland Railroad Train Engine Popcorn Bucket Now Available to Commemorate Disney100

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Disneyland Railroad train engine popcorn bucket

Disneyland Railroad Train Engine Popcorn Bucket Now Available to Commemorate Disney100

A new Disneyland Railroad train engine popcorn bucket is now available at Disneyland Park to commemorate the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration.

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The bucket is available for a limited time at select popcorn carts in Disneyland. It comes with regular popcorn.

Train Engine Popcorn Bucket – $32.25

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The black, red, and gold engine most closely resembles engine No. 1 of the Disneyland Railroad, the C.K. Holliday. The opening-day steam engine recently returned to service at Disneyland.

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This popcorn bucket has a working light on the front.

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Mickey, in a blue and white engineer’s uniform, leans out of the engine’s window.

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dl train popcorn bucket 8289

The strap is blue with “Disneyland Railroad” and images of a train engine and car in yellow. The Disneyland Resort logo featuring overlapping letters is over red train tracks.

dl train popcorn bucket 8290

“Disneyland” is in gold on the compartment.

dl train popcorn bucket 8298

The strap attaches to the front and back but can be removed.

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dl train popcorn bucket 8293
dl train popcorn bucket 8294
dl train popcorn bucket 8295

The top of the compartment swings open to store popcorn or whatever you want.

dl train popcorn bucket 8296
dl train popcorn bucket 8306

The switch and battery pack for the light are on the bottom.

dl train popcorn bucket 8322

The train’s black whistle is also removable to be used as a real whistle.

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dl train popcorn bucket 8324
dl train popcorn bucket 8331
dl train popcorn bucket 8318

The C.K Holliday is named after Cyrus Kurtz Holliday, who is the founder of many railways, including the Santa Fe Railway — an official sponsor of the Disneyland Railroad from 1955 to 1974.

The locomotive was built by WED Enterprises, which is now known as Walt Disney Imagineering, in Burbank, California — from a design inspired by Walt Disney’s model train engine, the Lilly Belle. The Lily Belle was the centerpiece of his very own backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific. 

The C.K Holliday is a 4-4-0 engine, which was an American-type steam locomotive. On July 15, 1955 — Disneyland’s opening day — the C.K Holliday officially went into service.

The other engines at Disneyland are the E.P. Ripley, Fred Gurley, Ernest S. Marsh, and Ward Kimball. While the C.K. Holliday and E.P. Ripley were constructed for the opening of Disneyland, the latter three all existed prior to the theme park. Fred Gurley was built in 1894 and entered service at Disneyland in 1958. Ernest S. Marsh was constructed in 1925, then entered service at Disneyland in 1959 — and Ward Kimball was constructed in 1902 but was added to the Disneyland Railroad in 2005.

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