RUMOR: Dr. Oddfellow House May Bring Jack the Clown Back to Halloween Horror Nights 32

Katie Francis

RUMOR: Dr. Oddfellow House May Bring Jack the Clown Back to Halloween Horror Nights 32

Katie Francis

RUMOR: Dr. Oddfellow House May Bring Jack the Clown Back to Halloween Horror Nights 32

A rumored house for Halloween Horror Nights 32 calls back to the origins of the infamous Jack the Clown, indicating he may return once again.

Dr. Oddfellow and Jack the Clown

UOR USF HHN X Dr. Oddfellow
Image source: HorrorNightNightmares

Dr. Rich Oddfellow was introduced as part of Jack Schmidt’s backstory for his debut at Halloween Horror Nights X (the tenth anniversary). They appeared in The Fearhouse.

Image source: Universal Orlando Resort

Jack worked as a clown at Dr. Oddfellow’s Carnival of Thrills. As the carnival traveled, Jack began to kill children who came to see the show.

After murdering 13 children, Jack was being hunted by the authorities. He confided in Dr. Oddfellow, who proved to be less than sympathetic. He wasn’t bothered by the murders, being accidentally responsible for several himself. Dr. Oddfellow was more concerned with getting caught. Instead, he had Jack killed and hid his body along with the bodies of the children.

UOR HHN 30 Jacks

Pictured above, Jack holds the Jack-in-the-Box in which his corpse was stored. It was discovered by a film crew exploring the abandoned carnival. During transport, Jack’s body was lost in a mysterious accident.

The Fearhouse

The Fearhouse took guests straight into the lab of Dr. Oddfellow, concealed within an attraction from his carnival. In classic funhouse fashion, this maze was chock full of mirrors, some of which revealed the horrors committed by Dr. Oddfellow.

Image source: Universal Orlando Resort

This was Dr. Oddfellow’s only appearance at the event to date.

hhn tribute store beetlejuice 1

A wagon for his “dark carnival and emporium” was parked in the 2020 Tribute Store and reappeared at the HHN 30 R.I.P. Tour lounge in Cafe La Bamba.


UPNT’s sources have indicated that the Dr. Oddfellow house may bring an appearance from Jack. He was last seen at Halloween Horror Nights 30, alongside the other Icons, for the big anniversary.


He has made several appearances since 2000, most often in years with milestone anniversaries, such as the 25th.

Reports indicate that Oddfellow may not be a traditional Icon due to marketing issues. The event goes without an Icon more often than not these days, and with heavy hitters like “The Last of Us” and “Stranger Things 4,” marketing will likely center around IP.

Halloween Horror Nights 32

This year’s event runs on select nights from September 1 – November 4 and will feature 10 houses, 5 scare zones, and live entertainment. In addition to the two houses listed above, the only other confirmed house is “Chucky,” which will be based on the SyFy television show.

Admission is separate from regular theme park admission. You do not need theme park admission to attend Halloween Horror Nights, but if you have a day ticket, it allows you to stay in the park to wait rather than exit and re-enter when the event opens.

Multi-day passes, single-night tickets, and R.I.P. and behind the “screams” tours are available for booking.

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