Plans Revealed to Turn Studio 1 Entrance Into a ‘Hollywood Premiere Garden Party’ at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris

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Plans Revealed to Turn Studio 1 Entrance Into a ‘Hollywood Premiere Garden Party’ at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris

The full plans for the Disney Studio 1 refurbishment at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris have been revealed and shared by OutsidEars. The enhancement and overhaul is part of a major ongoing update to Walt Disney Studios Park, which shares some basic theming traits with Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Studio 1 Overhaul

disney studio 1 paris

Studio 1 is a building that acts as the park’s “Main Street.” Disneyland Paris filed a permit in March for construction at the enclosed indoor space.

studio 1 plans 1

OutsidEars broke down the refurbishment of Studio 1 and the surrounding Theater District. Inside the area is Restaurant en Coulisse, which currently has backstage theming, meant to make guests feel they are taking their catered meal break on a movie set.

studio 1 plans 2
studio 1 plans 3

The restaurant will be updated to instead take guests to a movie premiere garden party. The façades on the restaurant side of Studio 1 will be removed and large fake trees will be added. Tables will be arranged around these trees and the capacity will increase to 530. There will be a single line but 8 checkout stations.

studio 1 plans 4

The entrance into the park (on the left in the above rendering) will have a new awning and resemble a cinema.

The façades on the shopping side of Studio 1 will remain, though they will be updated to better match the garden party theming.

studio 1 plans 5

The refurbishment of the Theater District and Studio 1 will begin in November, with “Phase 0” in the southeast alley, highlighted with a light tan color. Studio 1 will close for a year beginning on April 5, 2024. It will reopen on April 25, 2025. The work in the alley will allow it to act as the park entrance during that time.

Work on the entire area is scheduled to be completed in May 2025, alongside the rest of the park’s currently announced updates and expansions, which includes the “Frozen”-inspired Kingdom of Arendelle.

What do you think of these changes at Walt Disney Studios? Are you excited to see what has historically been the smallest Disney theme park grow? Let us know in the comments.

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