PHOTOS: Art Deco Styles & Classic Cinematic Motifs Highlighted at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel Refurbishment in Hong Kong

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PHOTOS: Art Deco Styles & Classic Cinematic Motifs Highlighted at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel Refurbishment in Hong Kong

Disney has shared some more detailed images of their refurbishment of the Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, which is reopening later in July. Earlier this week, we had a first look at the lobby and accompanying new food and dining establishments, though these latest images are offering a more impressive glimpse of the work that’s been done.

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

hollywood hotel

Classic characters of Disney animation, Pixar, and Marvel are featured at the Hollywood Hotel check-in desk, with artwork depicted as being frames from strips of film.

hollywood hotel 6

We’ve previously seen glimpses of the lobby lounging areas, though none that indicate just how sprawling it is and how the lighting really leans into a 1920s and 30s design.

hollywood hotel 7

The color palette is darker than before, with dark browns and deep crimsons. Even the touches of yellow are more of a mustard shade. Each portrait is framed in brass, and guests who take a moment to relax in this area will notice a newly curated list of upbeat jazz songs inspired by Disney favorites.

hollywood hotel 2

The Ink & Plate restaurant is replacing Chef Mickey, and while we’ve been introduced to some of the interior, we can now observe how the entrance will appear, held up by blue pillars and a logo stylized to paintbrush strokes. The restaurant’s name pays tribute to the Ink & Paint Department at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where a team of talented and dedicated artists have contributed to the inking and coloring of Disney Animation movies and cel artwork for a century.

hollywood hotel 3

This contemporary Art Deco style carries over from the lobby into the Hollywood Hotel’s newly redesigned Celebrity Gifts shop — from a starburst carpet, to globe pendant lamps above, and geometric wallpaper.

hollywood hotel 4

At The Archivist, this new lounge and bar is reminiscent of an old Hollywood film archive filled with film reels, catalogs, and artifacts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The name of this lounge in Chinese (留映廳) carries a special meaning, with its characters representing the words “keeping,” “staying,” “seizing the moment by taking a photo,” “movie” and “reflections.” Not only do these words celebrate the movie nature of the space, but they also honor cherishing time together with dear friends and loved ones.

hollywood hotel 5

While we have seen the bar itself and a glimpse of the Infinity Gauntlet, this perspective highlights the seating arrangement in the lounge, with elaborate and chic chandeliers.

hollywood hotel 8

Many superhero favorites are represented through their props, including Loki, Iron Man, and Black Panther.

Guests who stay here can also enjoy a separate entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland.

What do you think of this refreshed look for the Hollywood Hotel? Have you visited Hong Kong Disneyland before? Let us know in the comments.

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