‘ily 4EVER’ Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, Dr, Facilier, and More Doll Outfits at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

‘ily 4EVER’ Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, Dr, Facilier, and More Doll Outfits at Walt Disney World

A new series of ily 4EVER items available at Walt Disney World includes Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Mad Tea Party-inspired doll outfits. The Disney ily 4EVER collection features dolls with outfits inspired by various Disney characters. The dolls don’t necessarily look like their respective characters, and they aren’t wearing costumes, but apparel more akin to a DisneyBound.

The initial collection included six fashion dolls inspired by Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Tiana. New at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom are several outfits, plus a doll inspired by Aladdin.

Aladdin ily 4EVER Doll – $29.99

ily 4ever outfits

The Aladdin doll includes a white shirt with Abu on the chest, khaki shorts, and an overshirt featuring Agrabah. He also has a blue Mickey balloon, a fez-inspired ear hat, and a belt bag.

ily dolls outfits 7407

Haunted Mansion ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7414

Dress any of the dolls up to go see the “Haunted Mansion” in this outfit including a blue skirt printed with the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design, a Madame Leota circle purse, an ear headband inspired by Cast Member outfits, and a black shirt with a white “Peter Pan” collar.

ily dolls outfits 7415

It also includes socks, shoes, and a tank top.

Space Mountain ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7427

The Space Mountain outfit is a cozy set including a purple hoodie, spacey sweatpants, sandals, a shiny ear headband, and what looks like a tiny version of the Space Mountain cookie jar.

Space Mountain ily 4EVER Accessories – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7426

The separate accessory pack is for a Space Mountain-themed slumber party. It includes a space-patterned purple sleeping bag, telescope, pizza, popcorn, and mug.

Mad Tea Party ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7428

The Mad Tea Party set includes an ear headband topped with teacups, a purse inspired by the paper lanterns hanging around the ride, a T-shirt, pink skirt, and jacket and boots printed with flowers.

Merida ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7424

Dolls can now DisneyBound as Princess Merida with this outfit featuring a plaid shirt, and a hoodie and shirt featuring bears. The accessories include a target circle bag, necklace, and glasses.

The Beast ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7432

This set includes a shirt that looks painted with “Beast Beast Beast,” jeans, and a jacket, plus yellow sunglasses and boots.

Dr. Facilier ily 4EVER Outfit – $16.99

ily dolls outfits 7433

This line is starting to introduce villain-inspired items, too. This outfit is inspired by Dr. Facilier. A red and purple tie-dye hoodie is decorated with a skull and pairs with a Dr. F T-shirt and shorts, plus socks, a belt bag, and sneakers.

If you’re looking for some life-size ily 4EVER clothing, Disney did release some Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-inspired youth apparel.

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