Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store Hint Confirms New York Location at Universal Studios Florida

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Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store Hint Confirms New York Location at Universal Studios Florida

A new hint in the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Tribute Store confirms that the 2023 Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store will return to the themed store’s previous New York location in Universal Studios Florida.

Tribute Store Clues

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The hint can be found in the final room, in one of the display cases with vintage “Jurassic Park” merchandise.

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A new comic book beneath a “Jurassic Park” magazine reads “Halloween Horror Nights” and “No. 32 October.” This will be Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida. The name of the book is “Tribute to Terror.”

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A receipt is sticking out of the retro book. For Tim F., the receipt lists a “Jurassic Park” souvenir magazine and “Tribute to Terror” #1.

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The location of the store the items are ostensibly from — McPherson’s Collectibles — is 1208 5th Ave, New York, NY.

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1208 5th Ave, New York, NY is the address of the old Tribute Store location, next to Revenge of the Mummy in the park’s New York section.

For those intrigued by the lore of Halloween Horror Nights that ties much of the event together, the “McPherson” name may sound quite familiar. Back in 2008, during HHN 18: Reflections of Fear, the house Dead Exposure sent guests through photographer Charlie McPherson’s final photographs before his inexplicable disappearance. McPherson, who previously worked with detective Boris Schuster, was being treated by Dr. Mary Agana (also known as Bloody Mary) when he began seeing horrific images whenever he took pictures.

Her unorthodox treatments trapped McPherson in Dead Exposure, a nightmare realm guests journeyed through that featured a zombie apocalypse in darkness illuminated by the flashbulb of Charlie’s camera.

Detective Boris Schuster is a detective and founder of Legendary Truth, an association that investigates the evil behind HHN. McPherson’s disappearance led to Schuster’s investigations of Dr. Agana. At the same time, Tim Foyle (you’ll notice “Tim F.” also written on that book receipt pictured above) was another detective who began investigating Schuster’s records in 1991.

case files

Schuster was amassing information (and writing novels) related to the Legions of Horror and their totems. Using the books and notes, Foyle would end up collecting the totems and open a portal that unleashed unspeakable monsters. He may or may not have died, as we last saw him with light bursting out of his eyes and mouth in the Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth house from HHN 30.

This portal was opened on October 31, 1991, leading us to believe the horrors he unleashed are the reason behind Halloween Horror Nights, which also began that year.

Halloweem Horror Nights Tribute Store

The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store has become a tradition over the years, combining a highly themed shopping environment for both new and diehard fans. The team behind these stores emphasizes great attention to detail, creating an experience many guests get extremely excited about. From nods to previous years and even some inside jokes, this specialty themed shopping experience has become somewhat of an event icon itself. Last year, the theme of the Summer Tribute Store tied in with the Halloween theme, and newspaper clippings on the desk at the exit even helped to develop a backstory for the nearby Sweet Revenge scare zone.

hhn 31 tribute store 8 22 22 3

Last year’s store façade also teased the Dead Coconut Club in CityWalk. You can take a full tour of the 2022 “dark ride” themed Halloween Horror Nights 31 Tribute Store here.

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The Tribute Store has also grown even bigger than just Halloween Horror Nights, changing themes and merchandise each season throughout the year. It continues to grow in popularity with visitors to the park, with many guests coming just to see the new theme each season. If you’re familiar with the Tribute Store, you are probably already aware of the big move from New York to Hollywood earlier this year for Mardi Gras. The Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Summer Tribute Store is still open in the Hollywood section of the park and no closing date has been announced at this time. Even without a closing date for the summer Tribute Store, a preview date has already been announced for the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store.

The break down and set up between themes is an intense process. Moving to New York, even if just for the Halloween season, would allow construction to begin on the Halloween Horror Nights store before the Jurassic Park location closes. This would also allow the Jurassic Park Tribute Store to remain open a little longer. Halloween Horror Nights was extended through November 4, which would leave very little time to change over from Halloween to the holidays, too. Based on that date, it sounds like the Tribute Store could go back to Hollywood for the holidays.

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We also recently saw a ton of refurbishment in the area, including a small section of construction walls on the corner. This could indicate work is already underway. Scare zone construction has already begun for Halloween Horror Nights 32.

Are you excited to explore the latest tribute store experience at Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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