PHOTOS: Refurbished Mini Monorail Signs at Transportation & Ticket Center Debut ‘Undercarriage’ Lights to Match Real Monorails

The recently refurbished mini monorails on the queue signs at the Transportation & Ticket Center have debuted a new feature: “undercarriage” lights to match their full size counterparts.

WDW TTC Monorail sign lights 1

They are also changing between red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, just like the real Monorails this evening.

WDW TTC Monorail sign lights 3

The signs were covered during their refurbishment. The covers were just removed last week.

WDW TTC Monorail sign lights 2

Ahead of the 50th anniversary in 2021, the Transportation and Ticket Center was given an all-new color scheme of EARidescent blue and gold. This included repainting the entrance archways to the Monorail and ferryboat stations, which were previously purple and teal.

The archways became royal blue with “Monorail” in white lettering. The park names were in royal blue lettering against golden signs. After this latest update, the decorative Monorails have been repainted to reflect the latest Walt Disney World Monorail refurbishments.

The Monorails have blue stripes with black deltas beneath the central windows.

The LED lighting effects were added to the real Monorails as part of the 50th anniversary of the resort in 2021, and like the lights on Spaceship Earth, they’re seemingly here to stay.

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