Refurbished Monorail Signs Revealed at Walt Disney World Transportation and Ticket Center

Shannen Ace

Refurbished Monorail Signs Revealed at Walt Disney World Transportation and Ticket Center

Tarps have been removed from over the decorative Monorails on the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Monorail archway signs at the Transportation and Ticket Center, revealing their updated paint. The tarps covered the signs for a few weeks.

Old Color Schemes of Monorail Archways


Ahead of the 50th anniversary in 2021, the Transportation and Ticket Center was given an all-new color scheme of EARidescent blue and gold. This included repainting the entrance archways to the Monorail and ferryboat stations, which were previously purple and teal.

wdw monorail down 7282

The archways became royal blue with “Monorail” in white lettering. The park names were in royal blue lettering against golden signs.

wdw monorail down 7280

As seen in these photos from January 2023, the flat Monorails on top of the archways still had a coral stripe across them.

Magic Kingdom Monorail Archway

ttc monorail signs 2554

After this latest updated, the decorative Monorails have been repainted to reflect the latest Walt Disney World Monorail refurbishments.

ttc monorail signs 2555

The Monorails have blue stripes with black deltas beneath the central windows.

ttc monorail signs 2556

The full-size Monorail Blue has gray deltas, but Monorail Teal has black deltas.

ttc monorail signs 2561

EPCOT Monorail Archway

ttc monorail signs 2563
ttc monorail signs 2565
ttc monorail signs 2571

Transportation and Ticket Center

The Transportation and Ticket Center acts as a gateway to Magic Kingdom, and can also transport guests to EPCOT. It’s where all guests with cars must park before getting on a Monorail or ferryboat to reach Magic Kingdom.

In addition to repainting archways, Disney removed the gates featuring characters, opening up the space of the Transportation and Ticket Center.

The TTC’s new color scheme matched the 50th anniversary decorations, as well as the updated Walt Disney World entrances and Magic Kingdom toll plazaBlue and yellow road signs are also replacing the resort’s outdated purple road signs.

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