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Monorail Teal Returns From Refurbishment at Walt Disney World

Monorail Teal has returned to service on the Magic Kingdom Monorail line after a major refurbishment.

monorail teal 32

The Monorails have been undergoing refurbishment one by one over the past few years.

monorail teal 31

Monorail Teal is mostly white with a teal stripe running around its exterior — the same design as all the Walt Disney World Monorails.

monorail teal 12
monorail teal 4

A teal version of the Walt Disney World logo is next to the cockpit door.

monorail teal
monorail teal 2

The deltas on the teal stripe are now black, which matches most of the other Monorails.

monorail teal 30
monorail teal 1
monorail teal 29

The accordion sections were either thoroughly cleaned or replaced as they look brand-new.

monorail teal 28
monorail teal 20

Let’s take a look at the new interior!

monorail teal 10

The interior has a more drastic change than the exterior. Previously, the bench seats were teal and the cabin walls were grey.

monorail teal 9

Now the walls are teal, with a Walt Disney World logo pattern.

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monorail teal 8

“Walt Disney World Monorail System” and “Monorail Teal” are printed along a solid stripe at the center of the wall.

monorail teal 7
monorail teal 24

The bench seats are now light grey.

monorail teal 25
monorail teal 26
monorail teal 23
monorail teal 27
monorail teal 5

A teal stripe runs around the ceiling.

monorail teal 19
monorail teal 11

The carpet fabric on the walls and doors has also been replaced.

monorail teal 6

According to a Cast Member, this is the first time they replaced the carpet during a Monorail refurbishment.

monorail teal 16

The carpet is dark grey.

monorail teal 15
monorail teal 18

The railings were cleaned so well that we thought they might have been replaced, but the Cast Member confirmed they were the same railings.

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  1. These refurbished monorails look really good! Nostalgic yet sleek and clean.

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