Mocambo Restrooms Closed as Refurbishments Continue Near Entrance to Universal Studios Florida

Justin Giglio

Mocambo Restrooms Closed as Refurbishments Continue Near Entrance to Universal Studios Florida

Guests visiting Universal Studios Florida and looking for the first available restroom will want to take note of the latest construction project at the entrance of the park. The Mocambo nightclub restrooms are now being refurbished, as efforts to spruce up the park entrance continue at Universal Studios Florida.

Mocambo Restrooms Now Closed

From the new UNI VRS store to Minion Land, there have been a lot of big changes to the front of the park, but those aren’t the only things happening. Everything around Universal Studios Florida has been getting extra attention, including the restrooms.

restroom refurb usf71

These restrooms are located behind the facade of the Mocambo nightclub. The “real” Mocambo nightclub holds a significant place in entertainment history. It was located in West Hollywood, California, operating from the 1940s to the 1950s, and was known for its glamorous atmosphere and hosting notable performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe, who famously helped break the color barrier by securing Fitzgerald’s engagement at the club.

mocambo restrooms917

The restrooms are near the Today Cafe at the front of the park, which has seen many refurbishment efforts in recent days. The entrance pavilions to the parks have also been a recent focus. Universal has really been putting in a big effort to update and maintain the parks. Not long ago, the restrooms near Men in Black: Alien Attack recently were refurbished as well. With Halloween Horror Nights 32 starting on September 1, it’s nice to see a lot of work happening over the summer to get ready for those crowds.

mocambo restrooms922

As with most construction walls around Universal Studios Florida, movie posters line the wall, adding a decorative touch to the work site.

mocambo restrooms926

Guests in search of the nearest restrooms after entering the park will either want to head back toward the park exit, in the direction of Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon, or to Mel’s Drive-in (which is also closed for refurbishment).

Entrance Pavilions Being Rebuilt at Universal Studios Florida

Not far from the Mocambo restrooms, the work on the entrance pavilion is nearing completion. Looking toward the park entrance, you can see the entrance pavilion behind construction walls on the left side is almost finished. The one on the right side reopened a few weeks ago.

universal studios florida entrance pavilion construction june23 2
universal studios florida entrance pavilion construction june23 1

Both entrances were demolished and rebuilt with new scanners, too.

usf entrance22

The new “themed” ticket scanners are in use on the reopened side and will be added to the other entrance as well. Last year, Universal’s Islands of Adventure also got new, themed entry points. The new scanners at Universal Studios Florida aren’t as strongly themed, but they do match the surrounding architecture of the park’s entrance and exit.

usf entrance24

We saw the new scanners added at the exits prior to them being installed at this redone entrance area. 

usf entrance27
usf entrance28

These refurbishments shouldn’t last too long, though be sure to stay tuned for more updates on everything happening around the Universal Orlando Resort.

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