New Disney100 Baloo and Winnie the Pooh Pandora Charms at Walt Disney World

Two new Disney x Pandora charms were released at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom this week. Fans can add a limited edition Disney100 Baloo charm or an open-release Winnie the Pooh charm to their jewelry.

Limited Edition Disney100 Baloo Charm – $150

disney100 baloo pandora charm 3810

The Baloo charm is currently only available at Uptown Jewelers.

disney100 baloo pandora charm 3811

It’s a dangle charm, with a sculpted version of Baloo hanging onto a ring.

disney100 baloo pandora charm 3812

Baloo is sterling silver but wearing a hula skirt made of 14k gold. He’s holding a lab-created diamond.

disney100 baloo pandora charm 3813
disney100 baloo pandora charm 3814
disney100 baloo pandora charm 3817
disney100 baloo pandora charm 3823

The Baloo charm includes a certificate of authenticity with details about the charm’s materials. Baloo is the fifth charm in this Disney100 series.

Winnie the Pooh Charm – $75

winnie the pooh pandora charm 3818

The Winnie the Pooh charm features Pooh bear on both sides of a dangling disc.

winnie the pooh pandora charm 3820

On one side, he’s holding two “hunny” pots while bees buzz around him.

winnie the pooh pandora charm 3822

On the other side, Pooh is caught in a blustery day. Leaves blow in the wind around him.

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