PHOTOS, VIDEO: Baymax’s Mission Cooldown Cavalcade Debuts at Tokyo Disneyland

Shannen Ace

Baymax's Mission Cool Down cavalcade

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Baymax’s Mission Cooldown Cavalcade Debuts at Tokyo Disneyland

Baymax from “Big Hero 6” is helping Tokyo Disneyland guests stay cool this summer with a new cavalcade: Baymax’s Mission Cooldown.

Baymax’s Mission Cooldown

baymaxs mission cooldown 4776

This summer splash cavalcade has two floats and will be rolling down Tokyo Disneyland’s parade route three times daily from July 4 through September 6.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4777

Your personal healthcare companion, Baymax, is at the front of the first float, checking on guests’ energy levels.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4785

The two floats spray water and mist to get guests soaked. They periodically stop to spout even more water.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4789

Around and behind Baymax are beakers and other bits and bobs from science experiments. Posters on the front read “H2O Future Tech.”

baymaxs mission cooldown 4904

The cavalcade’s Cast Members wear San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT) uniforms.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4906
baymaxs mission cooldown 4909

At the back of Baymax’s float is a float from the SFIT Showcase.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4917

The second float has a screen in a circular device. Balanced on pipes next to the screen is Hiro’s cat, Mochi.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4821
baymaxs mission cooldown 4827
baymaxs mission cooldown 4928

At the back of the cavalcade is Fred from “Big Hero 6” in his blue and orange monster costume.

baymaxs mission cooldown 4810

Watch our video of Baymax’s Mission Cooldown below.

Because of Tokyo’s hot and humid summers, Tokyo Disney Resort often has summer events, entertainment, and overlays featuring plenty of water.

In addition to Baymax’s Mission Cooldown, Splash Mountain Get Wet MAX has returned to Tokyo Disneyland this summer. Guests can get a special Get Wet MAX on-ride photo featuring Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear. Extra water features have been installed in Toontown so guests can get drenched.

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, a special harbor greeting featuring Duffy & Friends will circle Mediterranean Harbor twice daily, and a new line of Duffy merchandise will be released. As well, guests can enjoy the return of the wet course on Aquatopia for the first time since 2019.

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