PHOTOS: Strange New Exterior Lighting Being Installed Outside The Land Pavilion at EPCOT

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Strange New Exterior Lighting Being Installed Outside The Land Pavilion at EPCOT

It looks like the ramp leading to The Land Pavilion at EPCOT is getting new lighting. We spotted one new light pole and signs of another coming soon.

New Exterior Lighting at The Land

the land exterior light 1475

The new pole has a wood finish, with two white strips for light on either side.

the land exterior light 1476

It sits on a concrete base, near the bottom of the ramp leading up to the pavilion.

the land exterior light 1477

A few yards away, a green construction box is in the same planter next to the ramp, implying another light pole may go here.

the land exterior light 1483

This area of EPCOT can be quite dark at night, so extra lighting makes sense.

the land exterior light 1480

So far, there are no signs of new lighting on the other side of the ramp.

the land exterior light 1481

At night, the ramp is lit with lights beneath the built-in benches on the planter walls.

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The Land Pavilion


EPCOT’s The Land is in the park’s World Nature neighborhood, previously part of Future World. It’s been part of EPCOT since opening day in 1982. Right now, it houses Soarin’ Around the World, Living with the Land, “Awesome Planet” in Harvest Theater, and the Behind the Seeds Tour.

Living with the Land was originally known as Listen to the Land. It’s a boat ride that includes a dark ride section and a tour through The Land’s greenhouses. Behind the Seeds Tour is an hour-long walking tour of the greenhouses.

Previous attractions include the famous Kitchen Kabaret, followed by Food Rocks, which both featured audio-animatronic singing food teaching guests about nutrition.


The original Harvest Theater movie was “Symbiosis,” a documentary about the relationship between humans and the land. It was replaced with “Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable,” which reused some footage and had a similar message about conservation, but featured “The Lion King” characters. In 2020, “Awesome Planet” debuted. Hosted by Ty Burrell, the film explores the spectacular beauty, diversity, and dynamic story of Earth and why it’s vitally important to care for it.


In 2005, Soarin’ opened in the space once occupied by Kitchen Kabaret and Food Rocks. The original version of the attraction was Soarin’ Over California at Disney California Adventure. The EPCOT version was identical, but with different queue theming since guests were ostensibly flying to California instead of just over it. In 2016, at both Disney California Adventure and EPCOT, Soarin’ became Soarin’ Around the World, with guests now visiting various international destinations.

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