College Program Cast Member Fired After Viral TikTok Captures Guest Altercation at Magic Kingdom

Kyle Silagyi

College Program Cast Member Fired After Viral TikTok Captures Guest Altercation at Magic Kingdom

A TikTok video of a verbal altercation between a Magic Kingdom Cast Member and guests went viral this week, leading to the Cast Member being fired.

Cast Member Altercation

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The Cast Member is Korinn Lloyd, who worked a merchandise glow cart on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom. The original TikTok user who recorded and shared the video has since deleted or made their account private, but TikTok user uhlayseeuh re-shared the video.

Warning: these videos contain profanity.

The video begins partway through the argument, and Korinn is clearly already frustrated with the guests behind the camera. Korinn is in the middle of helping another guest from a different family while telling the arguing family to go to another cart. A man off-screen says, “Just do me a favor, watch the attitude, all right? Watch the attitude or I’ll smash all this [stuff],” referring to all of the products on the merchandise cart. He adds, “Don’t play with me.” Korinn tells him to go ahead and smash the products.

Korinn reiterates that they can go to a different cart because she “doesn’t want to do this.” A woman states, “I’m buying from this cart.” Someone else can be heard saying, “Calm down,” “Leave her alone,” and “It’s a happy place,” apparently to his fellow guests.

Though difficult to hear, someone mentions “the hood,” and Korinn snaps back sarcastically that she’s “real hood,” being from New Orleans.

Korinn finishes checking out the other family and then quickly leaves the area, with another Cast Member escorting her, although she does turn back and shout, “Who are you playing with?” and that she was feeling “f*cked up,” apparently in response to something a guest said or did.

The text on the video asks viewers to help find “this disrespectful Disney employee,” but that backfired as most seemed to be on Korinn’s side.


Unfortunately it didnt work in my favor still asking for prayer as I try and make it back to louisiana safely with just a 24 hr time frame to do it. I am very grateful for you guys kinds words. PEACE AND LOVE AND BLESSINGS 🙏🏾 #greenscreen #korinnatdisney #disneyemployee

♬ original sound – Korinn Lloyd

Korinn herself later shared her side of the story on her TikTok account, rinnyyy_3. She appears in her Main Street, U.S.A. costume with her nametag, in front of a screenshot of cast compliments.

According to her, the altercation happened at about 9:45 p.m., 15 minutes before Magic Kingdom closed for the evening. She had been on the way out of the park when she stopped to help the family who purchased from her cart in the video. The second family approached, and Korinn agreed to help them as soon as she was done with the first family.

A young child, who the family referred to as a baby but Korinn says was an older child, began grabbing things from the cart. Korinn, addressing the child as “my friend,” asked her to put the items back and said she would help her soon. The child put the items back by herself, but the family accused Korinn of grabbing a toy from the child.

Korinn explains that the woman who was recording was there for the whole incident, but the woman heard talking walked up after the altercation began, and then began arguing with Korinn. The guest said Korinn needed a better-paying job, and Korinn replied that this was an internship, as part of the Disney College Program, and part of her education. This is the point at which the other guest began recording.

Korinn didn’t feel comfortable with the situation, which is why she told them to go to another cart for their purchase. Korinn reiterates in her video that the man in the group threatened to smash everything in her cart, and the woman insisted, “I’m buying from this cart,” which Korinn calls a “red flag.”

Korinn also explains that the woman said something about taking a person out of the hood but not taking the hood out of the person, which is when Korinn brought up that she’s from New Orleans. She explains in her video that she doesn’t consider herself from the hood. Korinn, who is Black, also stated she doesn’t believe that this is a race issue.

She admits that she let her frustration get the best of her.

Korinn was suspended and later terminated. She said that Disney management called her during her suspension and told her to come in for her shift the next day and meet management at costuming. Korinn drove to costuming, only for the meeting to be “30 seconds” and for her to be terminated due to her “breaking Disney character.” Korinn says she burst into tears.

Korinn repeats in the video that she loves her job and would do anything to see kids and parents at Walt Disney World smile. She says that she felt “antagonized” and “attacked” during the incident but “takes full responsibility” and was trying to stop the situation from escalating. She adds that she wishes that family well.

Because Korinn was part of the College Program, she does not get union help.

She thanked viewers for their support and wrote in the video’s caption, “Unfortunately it [didn’t] work in my favor still asking for prayer as I try and make it back to [Louisiana] safely with just a 24 hr time frame to do it. I am very grateful for you guys’ kind words. PEACE AND LOVE AND BLESSINGS[.]” Korinn had 24 hours to leave Disney College Program housing and wasn’t sure if everything would fit in her car, which she brought from New Orleans to Orlando after initially moving in.


Part 2 on why i couldnt remove myself from the situation #korinn #korinnatdisney #disneyworld #floridalabor

♬ original sound – Korinn Lloyd

In a second video, Korinn restates that she takes full responsibility for acting out of character, specifically addressing when she swore and shouted at the end of the original video, saying she felt threatened by the man’s behavior and that he was squaring up as though for a fight. She also explains that she couldn’t easily remove herself from the situation because she was helping other guests.

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