Disney Lorcana Reveals Secret Sixth ‘Enchanted’ Rarity

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Disney Lorcana Reveals Secret Sixth ‘Enchanted’ Rarity

Disney Lorcana has revealed a surprise sixth rarity, Enchanted, that will be included in The First Chapter. TheGamer exclusively revealed the news on Thursday, before Lorcana’s debut at Gen Con.

Disney Lorcana Enchanted Cards


The Enchanted cards are represented by the rainbow hexagon symbol. They have the same characters and gameplay as standard cards but are aesthetically different — kind of like Shiny Pokémon. Enchanted cards have alternate art, borderless frames, and a unique foil treatment.

Only select cards have an Enchanted version, selected based on their gameplay and story value, and how each character relates to the overall narrative. Enchanted cards take up the foil slot in booster packs.

The Disney Lorcana has kept the appearance of Enchanted cards mostly under wraps.

“One of the reasons booster packs are so fun to open is the feeling of exploration and discovery,” brand manager and co-designer Ryan Miller said. “In a world where information is at everyone’s fingertips, we wanted to bring some of that mystery and magic of opening a booster pack for the first time and discovering cards you’ve never heard of or seen before! We hope that this adds another layer of excitement and fun to an amazing event.”

Ravensburger is launching an “Enchanted Seeker” contest during Gen Con. The first person to discover a unique Enchanted card and tweet a picture of it with #EnchantedSeeker and @DisneyLorcana will be invited to a special event on Sunday.

Free Musketeer Mickey Mouse Card

lorcana mickey musketeer

Gen Con attendees can also get an exclusive version of the Musketeer Mickey Mouse card with the Gen Con stamp on it. This will be available to attendees with tickets to Disney Lorcana events and those who purchase products at the Ravensburger booth.

Stay tuned for more of our coverage of Disney Lorcana at Gen Con 2023. Read more Lorcana news:

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