Full List (With Prices) of Cruise Line Exclusive Disney Wonder Merchandise Including Minnie Ears & Loungefly Backpack

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Full List (With Prices) of Cruise Line Exclusive Disney Wonder Merchandise Including Minnie Ears & Loungefly Backpack

Guests enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty of the open ocean aboard the Disney Wonder can commemorate their trip with some exclusive merchandise. For those aboard who want to take a memory back ashore with them, the ship has you covered and then some.

Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise Merchandise

Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise Merchandise

There’s no shortage of merchandise available for those traveling to the last frontier. You can check out the full list of available merchandise here, including an exclusive pair of faux fur-covered Mickey ears that double as earmuffs.

We found all of this merchandise at Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps on a recent trip.

Disney Wonder Minnie Ears – $44.99

Wonder ears 2

These ears, attached to a flexible padded headband, are covered with a dark navy fabric bordered by gold trim. Its centerpiece is a bow that matches the trim in color. The trim surrounding the ears is intermittently broken by navy lines, giving each ear the appearance of a porthole. Gold stars of varying sizes fill each ear, and the Disney Wonder logo is present on the left side.

Each set of ears has pop-out art depicting Donald and his nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie). Donald attempts to paint the Wonder as Huey extends through a porthole, a pair of scissors in hand to cut the swing his uncle is laying on. Dewey and Louie look on through windows on the other ear. Similar art appears on the actual Wonder’s stern.

Wonder ears 1

There’s no art included on the back of the ears. They’re one size fits all.

Disney Wonder Loungefly Backpack – $78.00

Wonder loungefly 2

This Loungefly backpack shares a lot of aesthetics with the Minnie ears, using the same bow on its front. It matches the ears in hue, the navy color broken up by royal blue prints of the Disney Cruise Line logo, and art of Disney characters appearing in front of or behind portholes. We spotted Goofy, Dumbo, and Mickey in his “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” garb, just to name a few.

Wonder loungefly 4

Attached to the front of the bag is a large pouch that shares cues with the ears. The Disney Wonder logo and an illustration of the ship’s bow are printed in gold, with Huey, Dewey, and Lousie still ensuing in high jinks at the expense of Donald.

Wonder loungefly 3

Sitting atop the backpack are ears that share the character art. The side of the bag contains a side pocket topped with a thick gold trim. The same fabric surrounds the golden zipper, each pull having the Loungefly logo.

Wonder loungefly 5

The back of the bag hosts two sets of straps — a navy set made out of the same material as the bag and an adjustable gold set. The interior of the bag is lined with a royal fabric, with faint Disney Cruise Line logos and other water imagery, such as waves and anchors, printed throughout.

Wonder loungefly 1

Disney Wonder Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Wonder spirit jersey 3

This white long-sleeved jersey has a navy version of the Disney Cruise Line logo embroidered atop the left breast. The sleeves are cuffed with navy and gold stripes, composed of a stretchy fabric.

Wonder spirit jersey 1
Wonder spirit jersey 2

The back of the jersey contains a large print of the Disney Wonder logo, the navy font reading “Wonder” surrounded by a gold outline. A modified version of the Donald art appears underneath the logo, with Donald hanging from the N in “Wonder” (not for long, though, if Huey has his way).

Disney Wonder Sport-Tek Tee – $34.99

Wonder donald shirt 1

This Sport-Tek manufactured shirt is made of grey polyester, the shoulders giving way to a navy color. Donning the front of the shirt is a stylized navy silhouette of Donald, with water imagery, Disney Wonder and Cruise Line branding, and a cut-out of his bow tie revealing the gray underneath. He’s carrying three torches.

Wonder donald shirt 3

There’s no design on the back.

Disney Wonder Mug – $19.99

Wonder mug

The 14-ounce mug combines the aesthetics of the Disney Cruise Line and Disney Wonder branding. It copies the color profile of every Disney Cruise Line ship, the navy base with white top and red foundation giving the stoneware the appearance of an actual Disney Cruise Line boat. The Disney Cruise Line logo and the illustration of a bow are printed on one side, the Disney Wonder logo and Donald art occupying the other.

Disney Wonder Magnet

Wonder charm thing 2

You can decorate your refrigerator or any other magnetic material with this Disney Wonder magnet. The reflective emblem is navy blue in color with raised gold imagery depicting the ship’s bow, stars, and the Disney Wonder logo. The Disney Cruise Line logo also appears at the bottom.

Wonder charm thing 1

The magnet’s ridged edges give it a bottlecap-like appearance.

Disney Wonder Window Clings – $19.99

Window clings

If you want to transform your windows into portholes, these window clings are for you. The Disney Wonder logo and surrounding ship bow is the largest decal. A similar illustration that reads “Disney Cruise Line” instead of “Disney Wonder” is also included. There’s also a sticker of a crowned porthole surrounding a silhouetted Mickey head. This set even will even allow you to apply the Donald and nephews’ art to any suitable surface.

Disney Wonder Full Ship Decoration – $49.99

Wonder boat 2

If you immensely enjoyed your voyage aboard the Disney Wonder and do not want to leave, this collectible allows you to bring the ship home with you. This miniature recreation made out of composite wood looks near-identical to the Wonder, right down to the crew pool at the bow.

Wonder boat 1

Disney Wonder Cruise to Alaska

DCL Disney Wonder Alaska

The Disney Wonder sets sail from Vancouver, Canada, to Alaska on 5, 7, 8, or 9-night trips. While aboard, guests can dine at restaurants such as the Animator’s Palate, Triton’s, and Tiana’s Place, and enjoy Broadway-style entertainment options like “The Golden Mickeys,” “Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic,” and “Frozen, A Musical Spectacular.”

Does any of this merchandise stick out to you? Let us know in the comments.

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