HARVEYS Hocus Pocus Bags Available at Disneyland Resort


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HARVEYS Hocus Pocus Bags Available at Disneyland Resort


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HARVEYS Hocus Pocus Bags Available at Disneyland Resort

A new HARVEYS Hocus Pocus bag collection has materialized at Disneyland Resort just in time for the spooky season.

A sign for the Disney Dress Shop now open at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort.

We spotted this collection at the Disney Dress Shop in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.

HARVEYS Hocus Pocus Poster Tote – $218

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The Sanderson Sisters cast their spell from the front of this poster-styled HARVEYS Hocus Pocus tote. This large, sturdy bag, like all HARVEYS bags, is made of seat belt material.

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The “poster” print features the three young witches on the front in a bold two-tone letterpress-style design. Winifred Sanderson, depicted by Bette Midler in the films, is front and center on the design. Her sisters, Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Kathy Najimy), are behind her, joining her in her delicate spellwork and sporting their easily identifiable expressions from the films, even in this stylized art.

The women are framed by trees with crows in the corners of the design. Stars shine overhead, and the Roman numeral III at the top of the design helps create the tarot-card style image while also referencing the three sisters. Beneath the women’s feet, the bones of a long-deceased person are visible in a coffin cradled between the root system of the two trees. “Disney Hocus Pocus” is written on the ground beneath the sisters’ feet.

The tarot card print is framed with a strap of purple seatbelt material, which serves as the handles for the bag. This framing style continues on the back, but the tarot-card design is only on the front.

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The remainder of the bag is printed with houses from the films, iconic moments, stars, leaves, the Manual of Witchcraft & Alchemy (also known as the spellbook or Book), the Black Flame Candle, and more.

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The Sanderson Sisters soar on a large dangle charm on this bag, each riding their brooms (or vacuum) from the first film.

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The zipper pull is orange and features Book, Winifred’s trusty spellbook with a mind of its own. The zipper itself is orange.

IMG 9194 3
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You open the vibrant zipper to find a black lining decorated with iconography from the film, including a cat (presumably Binx), a candle, and a cauldron. There are pockets stitched into the side.

HARVEYS Convertible Streamline Hocus Pocus Bag – $168.00

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This bag, in true HARVEYS fashion, is also made out of seatbelt material. It’s a bit smaller than its counterpart in the set but perfectly fits the aesthetic of spooky season with its purple, orange, and black color profile.

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Colored illustrations of the Sanderson Sisters repeat vertically on the material. They’re surrounded by black icons depicting imagery from the film, the same icons present on the interior of both this bag and the poster tote.

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This bag has the same black lining as its larger counterpart. The Sanderson Sisters dangle charm is present, as well.

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zipper pull

The similarities don’t stop there — this bag’s zipper has a pull fashioned after Book, as well, though this one appears to be slightly less detailed.

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The eye-catching orange handle has lyrics from the movie’s version of “I Put a Spell on You,” namely the verse at the end that contains a curse, across it, in addition to zodiac symbols.

What do you say; are you enchanted by these Hocus Pocus HARVEYS bags? Let us know in the comments below.

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