PHOTOS: Hotel du Canada at EPCOT Receives Green Roof as Part of Repaint

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PHOTOS: Hotel du Canada at EPCOT Receives Green Roof as Part of Repaint

Guests walking through the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT on the morning of August 20 couldn’t help but look vert-tical as crews continued to work on the makeover of Hotel du Canada. New green paint was spotted atop the roof Sunday morning.

Green Roof at Hotel du Canada

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The new shade of green is washed out and pastel-like, looking almost like a layer of patina, a bright film that forms atop copper and other metals as it oxidizes over a long period of time. The most famous example of this is The Statue of Liberty; patina is what gives it its bright green color.

Patina has formed on the roof of Hotel du Canada in the past, but will perhaps be less noticeable should it happen in the future given the roof’s new hue.

Canada green roof 4

Work is ongoing, as large sections of the old brown paint are still visible.

Canada green roof 2
Canada green roof 7

The bright green roof contributes to the building’s new eye-popping and attention-stealing appearance; the roof was previously a fading shade of brown, and the base of the structure sported a brick pattern that was various shades of brown and beige.

Canada green roof 6

Hotel du Canada Repaint

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Scaffolding and construction walls first appeared around Hotel du Canada in early June, and crews began painting the building in July. A striking layer of white paint atop the structure was the first major change, and whether this is primer or the intended color is still unknown.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier spring DSC03832 credit Ottawa Tourism
Source: Ottawa Tourism

Hotel du Canada is inspired by the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario, which opened in 1912. The outside of the hotel, now operated by Fairmont, is a bright tan, off-white color, perhaps indicating that the color currently enveloping Hotel du Canada is final. Interestingly, the roof of the Chateau Laurier is a dark hue with a few areas of oxidation where patina has formed; the Hotel du Canada’s former roof color is a closer match.

Canada Pavilion at EPCOT

le cellier canada pavilion duke caboom dessert review 28

Hotel du Canada is the most visually dominant structure in the Canada Pavilion, one of two possible entry pavilions to World Showcase. Located underneath the building is Le Cellier Steakhouse, a popular restaurant that’s widely viewed as one of the Walt Disney World Resort’s strongest dining options.

canada far and wide 1

There’s a Circle-Vision 360° theater inside the Canada Pavilion, one of two remaining across all Disney parks (the other also being at EPCOT in the China Pavilion). Guests stand in the middle of a room as they’re surrounded at all angles by an immersive film; “Canada Far & Wide in Circle-Vision 360” is the film that’s currently shown, debuting in 2020.

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The Canada Pavilion also houses one of the more popular booths during the annual EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, with its filet mignon dish consistently being one of the better food options available at the event. You can read our review of this year’s version of the dish here.

How do you feel about the fresh coat of paint added to Hotel du Canada? Do you like its new look? Let us know in the comments.

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