PHOTOS: Caramel Apples, Spider Web Cookies, and More Treats Arrive at Magic Kingdom for Halloween

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PHOTOS: Caramel Apples, Spider Web Cookies, and More Treats Arrive at Magic Kingdom for Halloween

If you have a sweet tooth and are soon heading to Magic Kingdom to formally usher in spooky season, you’re in luck. A litany of new Halloween-themed treats recently debuted at the park and are available for all to indulge in.

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We found these desserts at Main Street Confectionery, located on Main Street U.S.A. near the park’s entrance. We also found most of these festive sweets — plus a spooky extra — at Big Top Treats, located inside the Big Top Souvenirs shop in Fantasyland.

Werther’s Original Holiday Caramel Apple – $11.99

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This caramel apple is stylized as a Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern, looking similar to the seasonal wreaths that recently returned to Main Street U.S.A. and the Halloween candy buckets available at Magic Kingdom. The apple is covered with a layer of Werther’s caramel and is enclosed by a chocolate exterior that’s been colored orange. Traditional jack-o-lantern features decorate the front of the treat, and the holdable stick atop Mickey’s head emulates the appearance of a pumpkin stem.

Mickey & Minnie Caramel Apples – $12.99

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The Mickey apple has caramel and chocolate coatings, and its base is lined with festive-colored M&M chocolate candies. A bright orange drizzle of icing surrounds the apple. The Minnie apple is donning a witch costume; orange candies act as polka dots around the bottom of the Werther’s caramel and chocolate-enclosed treat, and a purple witch hat with an orange bow sits atop its head.

Mickey Spider Web Sugar Cookie – $5.99

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This large sugar cookie, shaped like Mickey’s head, is covered in a layer of purple icing. Piped atop in black icing is a spider-web design, making this dessert as scary as it is sweet.

Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cupcakes – $5.49

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The Mickey cupcake is a vanilla cake with several layers of frosting, the orange and purple toppings working in harmony to create the appearance of a pumpkin. Black Mickey ears and a small brown stem stick out from atop the pumpkin. The Minnie cake is chocolate flavored and is topped with a base layer of orange and purple sprinkles. Two layers of frosting have been piped atop, with ears and a purple bow sticking out from the orange dollop.

Halloween Rice Cereal Treat – $6.49

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This Halloween take on a traditional Mickey rice cereal treat is topped with a layer of chocolate icing and heaps of M&Ms that share the same color profile as the candies on the Mickey caramel apple. A thin layer of orange-colored icing has been drizzled over the chocolate.

Decorated Crisped Rice Cereal Treat – $5.99

Big top crispy

This is the lone Halloween treat that we did not find at the Main Street Confectionary, instead finding this at Big Top Treats. This crisp is made of orange-colored rice cereal that emulates the appearance of a pumpkin. The treat’s ears have been covered with chocolate icing, and that glaze has been used to pipe jack-o-lantern features across Mickey’s face. A leaf made of green icing lays on the treat’s left ear.

Halloween at Walt Disney World

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Halloween season is officially underway at Walt Disney World, and these treats are the perfect way to celebrate.

Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom serves as Walt Disney World’s primary autumn celebration and is scheduled to run on select nights from August 11 through November 1. The separately-ticketed event has already sold out several dates, including every August offering.

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Guests attending the after-hours parties have access to exclusive food and entertainment options, including the twice-nightly Mickey’s Boo-To-You Halloween Parade, the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, and Disney’s-Not-So-Spooky Spectacular, hosted by Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The movie also serves as the inspiration for some of the celebration’s merchandise, as a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” bucket will be exclusively available at the event.

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to go trick-or-treating at numerous locations and interact with not-often-seen characters.

Will you be checking out these new festive treats at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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