New ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ MagicBand+, Apparel, Home Decor, & More at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

New ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ MagicBand+, Apparel, Home Decor, & More at Walt Disney World

A plethora of new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World Resort ahead of Halloween season and the film’s 30th anniversary.

nmbc merchandise wod

There is now a section of World of Disney at Disney Springs dedicated to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise, although much of this was released last year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Folding Fan – $12.99

nmbc fan 6687

This black folding fan features small skulls and hearts. Jack and Sally make their own heart at the center of the fan.

nmbc fan 6688

“Love ‘Til The End” is next to them.

nmbc fan 6689

Zero is on the other side of their heart.

nmbc fan 6690

Jack and Sally’s silhouettes are at one end.

nmbc fan 6691

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Trinket Tray – $24.99

nmbc merch 6595

This “trinket tray” is the white walking tub with Lock, Shock, and Barrel inside.

nmbc merch 6596
nmbc merch 6597
nmbc merch 6598
nmbc merch 6599

The Nightmare Before Christmas MagicBand+ – $44.99

nmbc magicband plus 1485

This MagicBand+ is black with a white puck.

nmbc magicband plus 1486

The puck features Jack and Sally’s faces in a heart.

nmbc magicband plus 1487

“Jack & Sally Forever” is on one end, with two skulls.

nmbc magicband plus 1488

Jack and Sally’s silhouettes are on the other end with “Love ‘Til The End.” This was in Pin Traders at EPCOT and Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

Jack Skellington Lounge Pants – $49.99

nmbc jack pants 0770

This next round of apparel was in Port of Entry at EPCOT. The pants are light gray.

nmbc jack pants 0771

One side has a grid pattern with “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” on the hip.

nmbc jack pants 0772

The other leg has Jack’s face printed across it. The pants have an elastic waistband and pockets.

Jack & Sally Purse – $39.99

nmbc jack sally purse 0758

This heart-shaped purse has a black pleather strap.

nmbc jack sally purse 0759

One end of the strap is a chain.

nmbc jack sally purse 0763

On the front of the purse are Jack and Sally’s faces. A flap over the top of the purse has a heart-shaped lock on it.

nmbc jack sally purse 0761

In addition to the shoulder strap, the purse has a handle.

nmbc jack sally purse 0760

These phrases are in white letters on the back: “Jack & Sally Forever,” “Love ‘Til The End,” “‘Til Death,” and “Hearts and Skulls.”

nmbc jack sally purse 0762

The interior is plain black.

Jack & Sally Tee – $34.99

nmbc jack sally tee 0767

This green T-shirt shows Jack and Sally atop the swirled cliff from the end of the film.

nmbc jack sally tee 0769

“Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” is in orange on the left sleeve.

Jack Skellington Pullover Sweater – $49.99

nmbc jack sweater 3967

Jack’s face is larger than life on the front of this white sweatshirt.

nmbc jack sweater 3969
nmbc jack sweater 3970

Jack & Sally Hoodie – $59.99

nmbc merch 3939

Jack and Sally make a heart on the left breast of this black zip-up hoodie.

nmbc merch 3940
nmbc merch 3941
nmbc merch 3942
nmbc merch 3943

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pajamas – $64.99

nmbc merch 3953

The top of these pajamas is a long-sleeved black button-up with yellow piping.

nmbc merch 3954

Sketches of various “The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters are across the front.

nmbc merch 3955
nmbc merch 3956
nmbc merch 3957
nmbc merch 3958

The pants have a white grid pattern with more character sketches and names.

nmbc merch 3960
nmbc merch 3962
nmbc pjs 3964

The Nightmare Before Christmas Socks – $16.99

nmbc merch 9966

Over at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, we found these black socks showing some of Jack’s different expressions.

nmbc merch 9967
nmbc merch 9968

Jack Skellington Phone Case – $34.99

nmbc phone case 0143

The Pumpkin King is against a purple background on this 3-D phone case.

nmbc phone case 0144
nmbc phone case 0145

This was in Big Top Souvenirs.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Magnet – $14.99

nmbc magnet 0677

In Creations Shop, we found this purple heart-shaped magnet featuring Jack and Sally’s faces. Behind them is “Love you to Death.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas Apple Watch Band – $36.99

nmbc apple watch band 0675

Also in Creations was this black Apple Watch band with a pattern of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” character sketches.

The Nightmare Before Christmas AirPods Case – $19.99

nmbc merch 1849

These matching black AirPods cases were in Frontier Trading Post.

nmbc merch 1851

Jack Skellington Tee – $29.99

nmbc jack tee 0680

This white tee features Jack Skellington in a spiderweb frame with a bat on top.

nmbc jack tee 0681

It was also in Creations Shop.

nmbc jack tee 0682

Jack & Sally Shirt – $39.99

nmbc merch 2658

This white shirt has black pinstripes. It’s short-sleeved, with two buttons.

nmbc merch 2659

Jack and Sally are in their heart on the left breast. This and the following items were in Tower Hotel Gifts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tie-Dye Long-Sleeved Shirt – $39.99

nmbc merch 2669

This shirt is white with a splotchy black tie-dye pattern.

nmbc merch 2670

A frame on the chest features Jack’s face. Inside the frame is a yellow moon silhouetting Jack and Sally.

nmbc merch 2671

The same image is larger on the back.

nmbc merch 2672

Jack Plush – $26.99

nmbc plush jack 2651

This Jack plush depicts him in his classic pinstriped suit and bat bowtie.

nmbc plush jack 2652
nmbc plush jack 2653
nmbc plush jack 2654

Sally Plush – $26.99

nmbc plush sally 2641

Sally is in her patchwork dress.

nmbc plush sally 2642
nmbc plush sally 2643
nmbc plush sally 2644

Jack “Sandy Claws” Plush – $26.99

nmbc plush sandy claws 2646

You can also grab Jack in his “Sandy Claws” get up: a red suit, hat, and white beard.

nmbc plush sandy claws 2647
nmbc plush sandy claws 2648
nmbc plush sandy claws 2649

Santa Claus Plush – $34.99

nmbc plush santa 2617

Pair Sandy Claws with Santa Claus. Jolly St. Nick is in his red cloak and hat.

nmbc plush santa 2618
nmbc plush santa 2619
nmbc plush santa 2620
nmbc plush santa 2621
nmbc plush santa 2623

Youth Dress – $39.99

nmbc youth dress 2624

This youth dress is striped lime green and light gray.

nmbc youth dress 2625

It’s covered with images of Jack, Sally, and Zero.

nmbc youth dress 2626

It has three buttons on the back and buttons on the wrists.

Light-Up Jack Skellington Head – $29.99

nmbc light up jack 2635

This piece of decoration resembles Jack’s skull.

nmbc light up jack 2636
nmbc light up jack 2637
nmbc light up jack 2638
nmbc light up jack 2639

A switch is on the bottom to illuminate him. There are two settings for the color-changing light, one that changes every 30 seconds and one that changes every 60 seconds.

nmbc light up jack 6610
nmbc light up jack 6611
nmbc light up jack 6612
nmbc light up jack 6613
nmbc light up jack 6614

This was in Tower Hotel Gifts and World of Disney.

Jack Skellington Button-Up – $59.99

nmbc jack button up 6380

This black short-sleeved button up is patterned with Jack’s face making various expressions.

nmbc jack button up 0089
nmbc jack button up 0090

We spotted it in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom and Discovery Trading Co. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Blazer & Bowtie – $69.99

nmbc merch 6320

This set includes a black suit jacket patterned with white images of Jack, Zero, and Oogie Boogie.

nmbc merch 6325

Red die on snake eyes are also in the pattern.

nmbc merch 6324

The light-up bowtie is plain black.

nmbc merch 6327
nmbc merch 6328

The Nightmare Before Christmas Throw Blanket – $69.99

nmbc merch 6354

The throw blanket is gray with character sketches in white, black, red, green, and blue.

nmbc merch 6355

It’s 50 in. x 60 in.

nmbc merch 6356

This and the following nutcracker are in Discovery Trading Co.

Behemoth Nutcracker – $64.99

nmbc nutcracker 6342

This nutcracker resembles the film’s Behemoth character.

nmbc nutcracker 6343

He wears blue overalls and yellow gloves. The base is a graveyard.

nmbc nutcracker 6344
nmbc nutcracker 6345
nmbc nutcracker 6347
nmbc nutcracker 6348

The Nightmare Before Christmas Notecard Set – $19.99

nmbc merch 1952

Finally, we found a notecards set in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

nmbc merch 1953

There are a few different notecard designs, some of which are also featured on other merch.

nmbc merch 1955

The designs are pictured on the side of the packaging.

nmbc merch 1954

There are 12 blank notecards and 12 translucent, colorful envelopes.

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