New Trader Sam’s Chip and Dip Bowl Set Available at Disneyland Resort

Dylan Kennedy Grey

New Trader Sam’s Chip and Dip Bowl Set Available at Disneyland Resort

Aloha, ahoy, aha! A new Trader Sam’s chip and dip bowl set is now available to add to your treasure trove. We found it in the Adventureland Bazaar at Disneyland Park.

Trader Sam’s Chip and Dip Bowl Set – $69.99

Trader Sam's Chip and Dip Bowl

Salty scalawags visiting Disneyland Resort can trade their hard-earned doubloons for this vessel. Bring a little bit of the Enchanted Tiki Bar home with you to add a little Disney to your snacks.

The Trader Sam’s bowl is designed to look like a roughly broken barrel. It has clearly seen some rough days at sea and is well-worn and covered in barnacles. “Trader Sam’s” is written across the barrel half as a reminder of who pours the greatest grog this side of the international date line.

Trader Sam's bowl with stand
IMG 1512

The back of the bowl has another cluster of barnacles. Other details include the waterlogged wood planks and the damaged hoops and rivets.

DLR Trader Sams chip and dip bowl 2

The sides of the barrel have more barnacles, seaweed, and even a starfish that has hitched a ride.

DLR Trader Sams chip and dip bowl 1
IMG 1516

The body of the bowl (the barrel) is brown with a bright Caribbean blue interior.

IMG 1522 1

The foot of the ceramic pieces is also Caribbean blue.

DLR Trader Sams chip and dip bowl

The coral reef bottom has divided sections for your choice of dips.

IMG 1518 1

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