PHOTOS: ‘Finding Nemo’ Splash Pad Highlights Pixar-Themed Pool Renovation at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Kyle Silagyi

PHOTOS: ‘Finding Nemo’ Splash Pad Highlights Pixar-Themed Pool Renovation at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

The pool and surrounding lounge area at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel recently reopened as Pixel Pool following a lengthy refurbishment. The renovated area is themed to Pixar’s filmography — predominantly “Finding Nemo” — as the hotel continues its slow evolution into Pixar Place Hotel. We were able to check out the pool during a recent visit.

Pixel Pool at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 1

Recent renovations to Disney hotels at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts have given the lodgings more contemporary appearances, and Pixel Pool does not escape this trend. The multi-colored blue tile with yellow detailing that had previously surrounded the pool has given way to a glistening white tile that looks marble-like. The pool itself is now a perfect rectangle; previously, its corners had been edged off.

Pool access is only offered to those staying at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 3
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 4

Rows of sleek dark lounge chairs now surround the pool, and guests enjoying the loungers are protected from the sun by red umbrellas. White poolside beds with retractable canopies are also available.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 7
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 26

The lounge area extends into a more secluded corner that borders the slide at the splash pad, offering some additional privacy to those who still want to be poolside. Fitting with that ‘privacy’ theme is a separate circular pool that’s not even three feet deep, a great option for children not yet ready for the primary pool or anyone looking to sit while they cool off in the water.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 2
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 14

The “Finding Nemo” splash pad — dubbed Nemo’s Cove — is where the Pixar theming is most obvious and heavily present. Water shoots from the ground in various spots and characters from the 2003 film and its 2016 sequel are displayed throughout the area.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 16

Nemo appears toward the front of the splash area, almost directly to the left of Hank, a character introduced in “Finding Dory.” Peach, Sheldon, Squirt, and Dory also appear on the splash pad.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 20
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 21
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 15
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 24

Seaweed-themed lamps emerge from a rock structure that’s decorated with stylized coral and shells. Plants fill the inside of the structure, complemented by an otter holding a purple shell that reads “Nemo’s Cove” and a decoration that features Mr. Ray and Pearl.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 17

Overlooking Nemo’s Cove and the entire Pixel Pool area is Crush’s Surfin’ Slide. The 186-foot-long slide itself is not new, but the theming is; the slide has been repainted from white and yellow to a bright teal color, and a large image of Crush now adorns the top.

img 0963
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 19
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 23

For those who don’t wish to utilize the splash pad or just want to escape the sun in a more secluded setting, cabanas are available for rent. There are also other general resting, dining, and work areas encompassing the pool.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 28
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 41
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 34
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 36

There’s a large fireplace with sleek grey couches removed from the hustle and bustle of the pool. For those who would like to stay warm through more uniquely Disney means, there are small fire pits around the pool that are inspired by some of Pixar’s fire-focused characters.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 30

Anger from “Inside Out” makes an apt appearance in fire pit form; the character’s head often sets ablaze throughout the 2015 film.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 31

Jack Jack from “The Incredibles” franchise is also here; the character, in the movie, can shapeshift into any physical form, including fire.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 32

Uku, a Hawaiian volcano from the 2014 Pixar short “Lava,” is also represented.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 33

“Elemental,” Pixar’s newest film, even has some representation, as Ember Lumen is present as a fire pit. Ember is made of fire in the film, which takes place in a world where characters represent different elements.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 9

We even spotted some additional Pixar theming around Pixel Pool, as several pieces of “Luca” inspired artwork are present. The Luxo Ball, a blue-striped yellow ball with a large red star known for making appearances in several Pixar films, even makes a cameo on a patch of grass at the hotel’s base.

Paradise Pier Pool 2023 10
Paradise Pier Pool 2023 39

Pixar Place Hotel

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has had several identities since being purchased by Disney in 1995. Disney changed the lodging’s name to the Disneyland Pacific Hotel after the acquisition before rebranding it again in 2001. Disney introduced a third identity for the hotel at the D23 Expo in 2022 when the company announced plans for the imminent Pixar re-theme.

Coinciding with, but not necessarily part of, the retheme is the construction of Great Maple, a “modern . . . eatery [that] specializes in playful takes on upscale comfort food.” The transformation of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel into Pixar Place Hotel is set to be completed this winter.

How do you feel about the updated Pixel Pool at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel? Are you excited about the hotel’s ongoing Pixar-themed transformation? Let us know in the comments.

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