PHOTOS: Buy the Real Comic Book Telling the Story of the Halloween Horror Nights 32 Tribute Store

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PHOTOS: Buy the Real Comic Book Telling the Story of the Halloween Horror Nights 32 Tribute Store

With this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store manifesting in the form of a mysterious New York City comic book shop, an original terrifying comic book has been created to solidify the theming. The Tribute to Terror comic book will soon be available for purchase at the Halloween Horror Nights 32 Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida.

Tribute to Terror Comic Book – $13

Tribute 4

The Tribute to Terror comic book includes four original horror stories: “Grave Consequences,” “False Idols: Part 1,” “Pay Up!,” and “Eyes of the Ripper.” These stories also serve as the basis of the four themed rooms inside of this year’s Tribute Store; to get a closer look at them, you can check out our full tour of the Halloween Horror Nights 32 Tribute Store.

Tribute 3

The cover features a frightened person flipping through the pages of the very comic book that you’re holding. The Curator, an original character created for Halloween Horror Nights 32, appears next to him, a small creature peeking out of a side pocket of his long gray cloak. A Grim Reaper-like figure from the “Grave Consequences” story looks over the terrified reader as a tentacled monster — presumably the one from the “False Idols: Part 1” comic story and themed room — reaches up from the bottom of the cover.

Tribute 2
Tribute Comic 2

On the flip side of the front cover is a short introduction; story titles, writers, and artists are shared, and another illustration of The Curator appears in the top right corner.

The Curator introduces each story while dressed in different story-specific attire. “Grave Consequences,” drawn by Greg Duffy, is the first story shared.

Tribute Comic 1

“False Idols: Part 1 — A Boris Shuster Mystery,” drawn by Adam Hostetler, is the second story. Detective Boris Shuster is a character who was first introduced at Halloween Horror Nights 18. In the lore, he’s a private investigator and has written multiple stories based on actual events that he’s experienced while exploring the horrors behind HHN.

Tribute Comic 4

The next story is “Pay Up,” drawn by Kevin Kophomer. It appears to take visual cues from classic “Archie” comics and looks to be steeped in classic Americana.

Tribute Comic 8

The final story is “Eyes of the Ripper,” again drawn by Greg Duffy. This is a Jack the Ripper-inspired tale that takes place in London circa 1888.

Tribute Comic 7

An image of The Curator reflected in a mirror appears inside the back cover, and he promises to see you “in the next chilling issue.”

There are a number of fake product advertisements printed throughout the comic, and while the products aren’t actually available for purchase, they are tangible items that appear throughout the Tribute Store. The Curator figurine advertised in the back of the book appears on a desk near the Tribute Store entrance.

Tribute Comic 5

There’s also a Halloween Horror Nights-themed board game advertised; we spotted a physical version of this game displayed in the Tribute Store’s facade.

Halloween Horror Nights 32

HHN Location USF arch DJI 0127 1

Universal Orlando Annual Passholders were able to preview this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store on August 30. The store will open to the general public on September 1. Building off the comic book theme, guests interested in owning a ‘one of one’ Tribute to Terror variant comic are able to submit a photo and have it printed on an actual comic book that will be displayed at the Tribute Store. They will be able to take the book home with them after the store closes.

Halloween Horror Nights 32 is a ticketed event that runs on select nights at Universal Studios Florida from September 1 through November 4. Guests will be able to experience 10 different haunted houses, they are:

  • Stranger Things 4
  • The Exorcist: Believer
  • The Last of Us
  • Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count
  • Universal Monsters: Unmasked
  • Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins
  • Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate
  • YETI: Campground Kills
  • The Darkest Deal
  • Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings

There will also be five scare zones:

  • Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror
  • Dark Zodiac
  • Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror
  • Vamp ’69: Summer of Blood
  • Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged

Will you be picking up the Tribute to Terror comic book at the Halloween Horror Nights 32 Tribute Store? Let us know in the comments.

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