VIDEO: Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana’ Playtest at EPCOT

Shannen Ace

VIDEO: Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana’ Playtest at EPCOT

TikTok user Disney Parks Live (^!^~~ was able to playtest Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” at EPCOT and shared a video of their experience. The new walkthrough attraction is set to open later this year, but an exact date has not been announced.

Watch the TikTok video below or by clicking here.

Some of the interactive elements of Journey of Water include musical water “strings,” a fountain that reacts to hand waves, a water curtain, and a giant geyser that requires a whole crowd to activate. Disney Parks Live gave it a good review, comparing the attraction to the “What If” Labs at the Imagination! Pavilion but in a tranquil setting.

As seen in the video, guests may get wet, but there will be a dry path for guests who don’t want to get wet. There won’t be MagicBand+ interaction.

Te Fiti figure Journey of Water 1

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” is a “self-guided outdoor trail where you can play with water as it travels from the sky to the oceans and back again.”

“Along with Moana as a steward of water conservation, Te Fiti is a symbol of how we should protect and nurture water wherever we find it,” Reid Ekman, Lead Concept Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering, said of the giant Te Fiti figure at the attraction. “This is an important theme in Journey of Water, where guests will learn more about how water travels from our skies to the ocean, and back again. This story will unfold along a lush trail inspired by the environments and art style of the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios film.”

Cast Members working at Journey of Water and The Seas With Nemo & Friends will have convertible environmentally-friendly costumes.

The next round of Cast Member previews for Journey of Water will take place in September.

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