PHOTOS: Trees Planted in CommuniCore Plaza at EPCOT

Dylan Kennedy Grey

PHOTOS: Trees Planted in CommuniCore Plaza at EPCOT

Dylan Kennedy Grey

PHOTOS: Trees Planted in CommuniCore Plaza at EPCOT

After years of construction, CommuniCore Plaza is taking shape at EPCOT. A new copse of trees was planted outside the soon-to-be-completed area of EPCOT. Additionally, some more trees have sprung up around the pump area for Moana: Journey of Water. Let’s take a look and compare what we can see to the concept art.

Communicore Plaza Trees Planted

CommuniCore concept art

In the concept art above, you can see the Communicore spires in the center of the image, as well as Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana in the lower right hand section.


The spires in the image above offer a good reference point. From this angle, CommuniCore’s structure is to the left.


In the foreground, just beyond the temporary wall, several new trees have been added. As the project nears completion, more foliage will need to be added to create the park-like feel to CommuniCore Plaza in the artist’s concept art above.


These large trees create somewhat of a visual barrier between this angle and the CommuniCore spires as part of the centralized focal piece in the area as in the concept art above.


Work on the stage area continues, and these new trees should help absorb some sound from the area .


Just behind the spire on the left, you can see that this newly-planted palm tree is braced while its roots take hold.


From this angle, many trees of a variety of shapes and sizes can be spotted among the CommuniCore spires.

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana Trees


Nearby World Nature’s Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana also received a little more greenery.


A few more trees and shrubs have been added into this pump area.

World Celebration Project Nearing Completion

When World Celebration is complete, this area will serve as primary hub for the entire park, with new nighttime lights, exhibition spaces, music venues, and room to expand festival opportunities at EPCOT and promote an ethos of community. Spaceship Earth and Journey into Imagination with Figment are considered part of this new area, but the large space between the two attractions has been closed off for its re-envisioning over a span of several years now.

The first three projects are under construction at the center of World Celebration, and all are nearing completion ahead of their December opening date.

CommuniCore Hall concept art

Disney100 offerings will begin at EPCOT on September 22. At that time, Mickey and Minnie will be meeting at the Imagination! Pavilion. Upon its completion in December, CommuniCore Hall is set to have a more permanent Mickey & Friends meet-and-greet space. CommuniCore Hall will also have a demo kitchen, mixology bar, and gallery space.

CommuniCore plaza stage EPCOT

CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are named after the precursor to Innoventions, CommuniCore, which were two opening-day pavilions at EPCOT.


The Walt the Dreamer statue will be on a set of steps right behind Spaceship Earth. Many Disney Parks around the world feature statues of Walt Disney, but this one will be unique because he’s not accompanied by Mickey Mouse. Although the statue debuted at D23 Expo last year, this area will open with the rest of World Celebration this December.

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana,” is set to open October 16, 2023, in the nearby neighborhood of World Nature.

Are you planning to add a visit to CommuniCore Plaza to your holiday celebrations this year? Let us know in the comments.

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