Are DVC Point Rentals Legitimate? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Jason Diffendal

Are DVC Point Rentals Legitimate? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

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Have you considered renting DVC points for your next Disney trip, but are worried the whole process seems like a deal too good to be true? After all, the pricing can be so good, you’d be right to be skeptical. Let’s look at the background of DVC point rentals, why they happen, and how to make sure you’re not going to fall into a trap set by some unscrupulous scammer.

DVC Point Rentals

dvc point rentals

Years ago, DVC members who couldn’t use all of their points in a given year needed to find a way to use them before they expired. DVC owners get a certain allotment of points each year, and they can either use them or bank them to the next annual cycle, though at the end of that year, they expire. No one likes to let these valuable points go to waste, so DVC members would often allow friends or family to use the points instead of just letting them expire.

Then, some enterprising DVC members figured they could not only use the points but also make a few bucks on the side by renting the points to others. Some rented them to friends or coworkers, while others took to Internet message boards or Facebook groups looking for other Disney fans who wanted to rent the points to save money on their vacation.


Often the process went smoothly, as long as both parties in the transaction were honest. Of course, wherever there’s an opportunity for scammers, they eventually show up — and that’s exactly what started to happen. For a detailed account of one example, check out this blog post on DVC Resale Market.

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Now, you can make sure to sign a contract with the person you’re renting points from. You can do all of the due diligence to make sure this person has positive feedback from previous renters, and the vast majority of people advertising their points for rent are honest and passionate Disney fans who just had some extra resources they couldn’t use. Still, how can you pick out the unscrupulous scammers from everyone else?

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One answer is to avoid dealing with individuals and instead deal with reputable companies that broker the process between DVC members and renters. The company we here at WDWNT use and recommend is DVC Rental Store. DVC Rental Store is the largest and fastest-growing service for DVC point rentals.

Why do we recommend using DVC Rental Store? There are two main reasons. First: their Lowest Price Guarantee. They guarantee that their price will be the lowest among the leading DVC rental companies. Second, and even more important than price, is their Stress-Free Cancellation Policy. DVC Rental Store is the only DVC rental company that includes a cancellation policy built in with every rental.

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In summary, yes, renting DVC points is a legitimate way to save money on your Disney trip and get nicer accommodations for less money, though there are some things you need to be careful about when you rent points from individual DVC members. That’s why we recommend renting points from DVC Rental Store.

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They are dedicated to not only providing competitive pricing but also protecting you, the customer — and with their Stress-Free Cancellation Policy, you can rent points for your next trip with the peace of knowing you will be taken care of in any unforeseen circumstances.

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