First Look at Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play Kits

Shannen Ace

First Look at Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play Kits

Star Wars: Unlimited released a preview of the organized play kits that will be available to local game stores. The kits are designed for both competition and building community.

Spark of Rebellion Launch Kit

swu spark of rebellion launch kit

The Launch Kit for Spark of Rebellion (the first Star Wars: Unlimited set) is meant to complement the prerelease box by ensuring each player in an event has at least one base of each color, so can build a deck with whatever aspects they want. The kit also comes with booster packs to use as prizes throughout the event. The Launch Kit also includes Luke and Vader judge cards as “thank you” gifts for judges. The kit supports 8 players and a store can get multiple kits.

Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play Kit

swu spark of rebellion weekly play kit

The Weekly Play kit supports up to 8 players for 8 weeks of play. It comes with special three-card packs of promo cards exclusive to the Weekly Play kits. One of these blind packs includes 2 common cards and 1 rare holofoil card, featuring alternate art or special Hyperspace variants. There are 20 unique rare cards.

swu weekly play kit special cards

This example of the Sabine Wren card shows the standard version on the left and the rare holofoil version on the right. The color of the border on the holofoil card is made of the colors of the card’s aspects.

With this kit, players just need to show up — they don’t need to compete to receive a “prize.”

Spark of Rebellion Store Showdown Kit

swu spark of rebellion store showdown kit

The Store Showdown kit supports a 32-player Store Showdown event. Players get an alternate-art promo card just for showing up, while prizes are available for the top 8 players (these prizes will be announced later). There are also “thank you” cards for judges and booster packs. The Store Showdown kit is designed for a lighter competitive experience.

swu showdown kit card

Star Wars: Unlimited revealed this new card, Takedown, and its alternate-art version that will be available in Store Showdown kits.

The organized play kits will be available for stores to order at the same time as actual Spark of the Rebellion products.

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