EXCLUSIVE: Price Reveal and Closer Look at Prerelease Box, Booster Packs, and More for Star Wars: Unlimited — Spark of Rebellion Trading Card Game

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EXCLUSIVE: Price Reveal and Closer Look at Prerelease Box, Booster Packs, and More for Star Wars: Unlimited — Spark of Rebellion Trading Card Game

With the launch of Star Wars: Unlimited approaching the horizon like the binary suns of Tatooine, we’re excited to offer an exclusive first look at the products for the first set — Spark of Rebellion.

Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion logo

Spark of Rebellion is the first set, focusing on the timeline of the original trilogy. It is not limited to the contents of Episodes IV, V, and VI, but will encompass canon media set in the same era. This means you won’t see characters like Jar Jar Binks, but you will see others like Kanan Jarrus. Leading with the most recognizable moments and characters means the game can appeal to the broader spectrum of Star Wars fans and leaves many doors open for future sets.

We spoke to Fantasy Flight Games about the first set of Star Wars: Unlimited. Here’s what VP of Strategy, Jim Cartwright, had to say about Spark of Rebellion and its first product line:

“The first year of Star Wars : Unlimited is all about foundation building. We wanted to create the
building blocks with our products to simplify the player experience to onboard new players and
be very intentional with our product line. Our pre-release kits help build excitement for each of
our sets and put a focus on the limited format that we build from the ground up. New players can
jump right into the game with our 2-player starter that ensures they have a complete experience
in a single product.

And, like all TCGs, the booster pack is at the heart of it all! Players with any budget, experience
level, or collector preference will be able to expand their game the way they want by creating
decks with their favorite characters and variants, and participate in regular or sealed draft events
in our weekly play.

While the product line may seem simple, it supports our strong desire to create a play experience
for everyone. As the game matures, we already have a road map for future products and
experiences in the coming years. We intend to support Star Wars: Unlimited for a long time, and
this simple product line helps us build the baseline for the future.”

Three products will be released for the launch, including a Prerelease Box, a Two-Player Starter, and Spark of Rebellion booster packs.

Spark of Rebellion Prerelease Box

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion 6

Can’t wait to get your hands on Star Wars: Unlimited? Good news — the Prerelease Box will be available a whole week before the rest of the first set as part of prerelease events at participating stores. Select local game stores will be hosting these events and will have a limited number of Prerelease Boxes for sale at the event. Check with your local game stores to find a participating location near you.

The Prerelease Box has much of what you’ll need to participate in a tournament (though you will need to build your own deck):

  • 6 Spark of Rebellion Booster Packs
  • 2 Promo Cards
  • Quickstart Rules
  • Damage Counters
  • Deckbuilding Guide
  • Deckbox

MSRP for the Prerelease Box is $29.99. Players should check with their store participating in the prerelease event for individual retail prices. The boxes are exclusive to the prerelease events and will not be available otherwise.

Spark of Rebellion 2-Player Starter

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion 1

If you want to make sure you have someone to play with when the game releases, a two-player starter pack will provide everything you need to jump right into battle. With two pre-built decks, beginners won’t need to worry about putting one together before they try it out.

The 2-Player Starter includes:

  • Two pre-built, 50-card decks (including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as leaders)
  • Damage Counters
  • Quickstart Rules
  • 2 Paper Playmats
  • 2 Folded Deckboxes

MSRP for the 2-Player Starter is $34.99.

The pre-built decks include 10 exclusive cards that cannot be found in Booster Packs (including Leia Organa and Grand Moff Tarkin). You can see a full list of all included cards in the 2-Player Starter here.

Spark of Rebellion Booster Packs

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion 5

Booster Packs are essential elements of any TCG for building unique decks. Each Spark of Rebellion Booster Pack will have 16 cards, including:

  • A Leader
  • A Base
  • A Foil Card
  • At least one Rare or Legendary Card
  • and a mix of Common & Uncommon Cards
Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion cards 17

There will also be a small chance of finding a special variant card in the Booster Packs. These variants include Hyperspace Cards. In the above image, you can compare the Hyperspace Admiral Ackbar on the right to the standard version on the left. They feature extended artwork.

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion cards 18

The rarest cards are another variant called a Showcase Leader. It features alternate artwork, though the base function of the card remains the same.

MSRP for a Booster Pack is $4.99. A display box will contain 24 Booster Packs.

For a more detailed look at the Booster Packs and some of the cards, check out our article here.

Is Star Wars: Unlimited Suitable for Beginners?

Are you new to the trading card game world or someone who can’t resist anything “Star Wars”? A lot of TCG fandoms can be intimidating to join — but this one’s just getting started. And Jim Cartwright was quick to reassure that Star Wars: Unlimited was designed to be easy for anyone to jump into, especially with the 2-Player Starter Set that allows you to start collecting or start playing with 100 cards split into two pre-built decks featuring favorite and iconic characters.

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion cards 19

“The 2-player starter set is a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It encapsulates the essence of an immersive gaming experience, allowing friends and families to embark on epic journeys together or challenge seasoned opponents. With the iconic clash of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, this set masterfully intertwines nostalgia and strategy, delivering the classic matchup fans crave,” said Cartwright. “In the Luke Skywalker deck, iconic heroes like Leia Organa, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO unite under the Shield mechanic, guarding their comrades with unwavering loyalty.”

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion vader cards

“Meanwhile, Darth Vader’s deck is full of nameless troopers and ships you would expect from the Empire. It exudes relentless pressure and inflicts consistent damage upon opponents’ bases and units in both arenas.”

Star Wars: Unlimited

Star Wars: Unlimited is scheduled for release in the first half of 2024. If you’re curious about gameplay, watch our learn-to-play video from Gen Con 2023, featuring Fantasy Flight Games’ Community Engagement Specialist Xander Tabler:

There are six aspects that can shape your deck: Vigilance (blue), Command (green), Aggression (red), Cunning (yellow), Heroism (white), and Villainy (black). When building a deck, players must choose a leader and a base. The leader provides two aspects, while the base provides one. Non-leader cards also have one or two aspects.

No matter what leader or base you pick, you can include any card in any deck. But when you play a card, for each aspect icon on that card that isn’t provided by your leader or base, you must pay 2 extra resources to play the card. This is referred to as an aspect penalty. Some specific cards can ignore aspect penalties under certain conditions.

For a breakdown of gameplay with Heroism & Villainy aspects, click here.

Want more information about the official rules? The Quickstart rules are available now, with comprehensive rules to be released later.

star wars unlimited 1075

Fantasy Flight Games and Gamegenic have also partnered to debut gameplay accessories, including Deck Pods, Card Sleeves, Tokens, and more. You can check them out here.

Fantasy Flight Games will be live-streaming a product line reveal at 1:00 p.m. CT/2:00 p.m. ET here.

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