Star Wars: Unlimited Starter Deck Lists Announced

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Star Wars: Unlimited Starter Deck Lists Announced

The Star Wars: Unlimited starter decks were revealed during a livestream on Wednesday, August 23. The two starter decks feature Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as the leader cards.

Star Wars: Unlimited Starter Decks

star wars unlimited spark of rebellion two player starter

A two-player starter set will include both starter decks. Each starter deck has 50 cards. Some cards will be exclusive to starter sets and unavailable in booster packs. The set will also include two folded paper playmats, deck boxes, and tokens.

star wars unlimited luke vader

Here are the cards you’ll find in the Luke Skywalker deck:

star wars unlimited starter decks 152935
  • Luke Skywalker x1
  • Administrator’s Tower x1
  • 2-1B Surgical Droid x1
  • R2-D2 x3
  • Alliance X-Wing x3
  • C-3PO x3
  • Rebel Pathfinder x1
  • Restored ARC-170 x2
  • Leia Organa x3
  • Rogue Operative x1
  • Fleet Lieutenant x3
  • Wing Leader x1
  • Yoda x1
  • Cloud City Wing Guard x1
  • System Patrol Craft x1
  • Consular Security Force x3
  • Auzituck Liberator Gunship x1
  • General Dodonna x1
  • Snowspeeder x1
  • Chewbacca x1
  • Vigilant Honor Guards x1
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi x1
  • Han Solo x1
  • Resilient x1
  • Luke’s Lightsaber x3
  • Repair x2
  • Shoot First x1
  • Asteroid Sanctuary x2
  • Surprise Strike x2
  • Waylay x2
  • Vanquish x3
star wars unlimited starter decks 141229
star wars unlimited starter decks 142641
star wars unlimited starter decks 143938
star wars unlimited starter decks 152350
star wars unlimited starter decks 152954

General Dodonna is an exclusive to this starter deck.

Followed by the Darth Vader deck:

star wars unlimited starter decks 153042
  • Darth Vader x1
  • Command Center x1
  • TIE/LN Fighter x2
  • Death Star Stormtrooper x3
  • Admiral Ozzel x1
  • First Legion Snowtrooper x2
  • Admiral Motti x3
  • Snowtrooper Lieutenant x2
  • Viper Probe Droid x2
  • Admiral Piett x1
  • Superblaser Technician x3
  • Cell Block Guard x3
  • General Veers x1
  • Grand Moff Tarkin x3
  • Imperial Interceptor x3
  • TIE Advanced x1
  • AT-ST x2
  • Gladiator Star Destroyer x1
  • Blizzard Assault AT-AT x1
  • Emperor Palpatine x1
  • Relentless x1
  • Vader’s Lightsaber x3
  • Recruit x1
  • Force Choke x1
  • Resupply x1
  • Open Fire x3
  • I Am Your Father x3
  • Maximum Firepower x1
  • Overwhelming Barrage x1
card SWH 01 Card 129 Admiral Ozz
star wars unlimited starter decks 142154
star wars unlimited starter decks 143708
star wars unlimited starter decks 153100

Like General Dodonna, Veers is also a starter deck exclusive.

Here is how Star Wars: Unlimited describes the two starter decks:

The two pre-built decks in this box provide everything you need to kickstart your Star Wars: Unlimited collection. Each deck has been carefully crafted to help you learn the game, with several cards that show off different keywords and mechanics but overall remaining straightforward enough so that anyone can pick one up and play. Also included in this box are quickstart rules to help you jump into the game, all the counters and tokens you’ll use during gameplay, and even a pair of folded deck boxes that you can use to store the starter decks (or your own decks that you build in the future).

Star Wars: Unlimited header

When you open the box, you’ll have your choice between two different pre-built decks: one is a Luke Skywalker (Spark of Rebellion, 5) deck with the Vigilance, Cunning, and Heroic aspects, and the other is a Darth Vader (Spark of Rebellion, 10) deck with the Aggression, Command, and Villainy aspects (you can read more about aspects in this article). The decks themselves are a mixture of cards that can be acquired in booster packs and unique cards that can only be obtained in these starter decks. For example, you can find General Dodonna (Spark of Rebellion, 242) and General Veers (Spark of Rebellion, 230) in Spark of Rebellion booster packs, but Leia Organa (Spark of Rebellion, 189) and Grand Moff Tarkin (Spark of Rebellion, 84) can only be obtained from this box.

star wars unlimited card sleeves

Luke and Darth Vader card sleeves were also revealed, featuring the same artwork as the leader cards, which will be available alongside the game when it launches next year.

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