Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Pack Details Including Rarities, Foils, ‘Hyperspace,’ and ‘Showcase’ Cards Announced

Shannen Ace

Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Pack Details Including Rarities, Foils, ‘Hyperspace,’ and ‘Showcase’ Cards Announced

Shannen Ace

Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Pack Details Including Rarities, Foils, ‘Hyperspace,’ and ‘Showcase’ Cards Announced

Fantasy Flight Games has shared new details about Star Wars: Unlimited booster packs, including card rarities and special cards like foils, “Hyperspace” cards, and “Showcase” cards. Read the details from FFG below.

Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Packs

sw unlimited booster packs 1

Each booster pack for this game contains exactly 16 cards. Among those 16, one is guaranteed to be a leader card, and another is guaranteed to be a base (with an Experience or Shield token on the other side of it). That leaves 14 cards remaining that are pulled from the pool of “standard” (non-leader, non-base, non-token) cards.

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Outside of the cards that are exclusive to starter decks, the cards in this game are divided into four rarities: CommonUncommonRare, and Legendary. In each booster pack, you will find 9 Common cards3 Uncommon cards, and 1 Rare or Legendary card. You may notice that only adds up to 13; add the leader and base card, and you’ve got 15. So, what is the last card in the pack?

The final card in a pack is a foil card, which will be a foil version of any card in the set (that can appear in booster packs). This foil card can be of any rarity, which means you could luck into a second Rare or Legendary card!

sw unlimited booster packs 3
Normal version (left) vs. Hyperspace variant (right).

However, foil cards are not the only variants that can appear in packs. There is also a small chance that any of the cards in the pack are a “Hyperspace” variant, which gives them a special alternate frame that shows off more of the artwork!

Any card in a pack can be a Hyperspace variant, including leaders and bases. Even the foil card can be a Hyperspace variant! Keep in mind, the difference between a Hyperspace variant and the normal version of a card is purely aesthetic, so be sure to seek them out for your favorite cards.

sw unlimited booster packs 4
Normal version (left) vs. Showcase variant (right)

There’s also an even rarer variant exclusive to leader cards: the “Showcase” variant, which features alternate art, a unique frame, and special foil treatment. Count yourself lucky if you manage to pull one of these elusive gems; they are few and far between!

If you’re wondering about the exact odds of finding the rarer cards in a pack—including Legendary cards, Hyperspace variants, and Showcase variants—just take a look at the images below. Please keep in mind that these odds assume perfect distribution, and the actual odds may vary slightly once the game has been released.

You may be curious why we designed the booster packs for this game in this way, and the answer is quite simple: to support draft and sealed play! The deckbuilding rules for this game make it so that, as long as you have a leader and base, you can include any cards you want in your deck. Thus, by ensuring that every pack has a leader and a base, a store won’t need anything other than booster packs to run a draft or sealed event! We’ve said before that we integrated Organized Play into this game’s DNA from the very beginning, and we meant it! Also, because of the Hyperspace and Showcase variants, we’ve made sure that every card in a pack has the potential to be something exciting, even if you aren’t participating in tournaments.

Star Wars: Unlimited is scheduled for release in the first half of 2024. If you’re curious about gameplay, watch our learn-to-play video from Gen Con 2023, featuring Fantasy Flight Games’ Community Engagement Specialist Xander Tabler:

Here is how Fantasy Flight Games describes Star Wars: Unlimited.

This is a fast-paced, strategic card game for everyone, whether you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, a longtime player of trading card games (TCGs), or anywhere in between! In this game, you build a deck using cards you acquire from randomized booster packs, and each of those cards has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. The game is called “Unlimited” for a reason; with over 200 cards in the first set—Spark of Rebellion—alone, there are countless strategies and combinations just waiting to be discovered. Choose your leader, build your deck, expand your collection, and launch yourself into a galaxy of unlimited potential!

Read more about the new game:

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