Breakdown of Star Wars: Unlimited Gameplay with Heroism & Villainy Aspects

Shannen Ace

Breakdown of Star Wars: Unlimited Gameplay with Heroism & Villainy Aspects

Shannen Ace

Breakdown of Star Wars: Unlimited Gameplay with Heroism & Villainy Aspects

Star Wars: Unlimited has provided a breakdown of gameplay with the Heroism and Villainy aspects, two of six aspects that can shape your deck.

Star Wars: Unlimited Aspects

star wars unlimited aspects

The six aspects are Vigilance (blue), Command (green), Aggression (red), Cunning (yellow), Heroism (white), and Villainy (black). When building a deck, players must choose a leader and a base. The leader provides two aspects, while the base provides one. Non-leader cards also have one or two aspects.

Star Wars Unlimited Aspect Icon
Your leader card provides two aspect icons while your base provides one.

On leader and base cards, the aspect icons are in the upper right corner. On other cards, they are in the upper left corner.

No matter what leader or base you pick, you can include any card in any deck. But when you play a card, for each aspect icon on that card that isn’t provided by your leader or base, you must pay 2 extra resources to play the card. This is referred to as an aspect penalty. Some specific cards can ignore aspect penalties under certain conditions.

Star Wars Unlimited Cell Block G

The example Star Wars: Unlimited provides is if you have Luke Skywalker as your leader (Vigilance and Heroism aspects) but play Cell Block Guard (Villainy aspect), you would have to pay 5 resources instead of 3. A Fleet Lieutenant (Heroism aspect) would only cost the standard 3 resources.

Star Wars Unlimited Leia Organa

Heroism and Villainy are most commonly paired with other aspects on a card. Leia Organa has both Heroism and Cunning aspects. If you have Leia in your deck led by Luke, you would want a base with the Cunning aspect, such as Administrator’s Tower, to avoid the aspect penalty.

If you wanted to play Grand Moff Tarkin in that same deck, neither leader Luke nor the Cunning base provide his Command or Villainy aspects. So you would have to pay an additional 4 resources.

Star Wars Unlimited TIE Fighter

In this way, it seems it would be best to have a deck that either only uses Heroism or only uses Villainy. But you don’t have to stick to just one if you don’t want to.

Read more of the Star Wars: Unlimited rules and take a closer look at some of the revealed cards. The game is scheduled to be released next year.

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