New Gelatoni Artist Popcorn Bucket with Duffy & Friends Now Available at Tokyo DisneySea

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New Gelatoni Artist Popcorn Bucket with Duffy & Friends Now Available at Tokyo DisneySea

A new popcorn bucket featuring Duffy’s friend, Gelatoni, has been released at Tokyo DisneySea today, September 7 (JST).

Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket – ¥2,600 ($17.60)

gelatoni popcorn bucket 2

We waited in line bright and early in Lost River Delta for this talented artist featured on his very own popcorn bucket.

gelatoni popcorn bucket

Before the cart had even opened, cards were distributed to those queued up to indicate what they wished to purchase, to promote efficiency.


Though this new item is available at two different locations within Tokyo DisneySea, guests may only purchase one bucket per park ticket.


We were already lined up immediately at the start of the day ( 9 a.m. JST), so there were still stacks of buckets available.

Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket at Tokyo DisneySEA

The bucket features Duffy and Friends printed on the base, with Gelatoni featured as a figure on top of the bucket. The front of the bucket has Duffy and ShellieMay exploring the city.


Gelatoni, wearing his beret, sits on the lid of the bucket as he works diligently at his favorite activity: painting!


The print on the bucket includes StellaLou and ‘Olu enjoying some gelato as they explore an Italian street.


The back of the bucket has CookieAnn also holding a sweet treat, and LinaBell investigating the city’s butterflies.


Above more city line art on this side, we see “Gelatoni: A Disney friend of Duffy”.


This side of the bucket depicts our painter from behind, using a brush and paint bucket to create the art featured on the background of the image.


There are two different flavors of popcorn being offered to fill your Gelatoni popcorn bucket: Regular, at the popcorn wagon in Lost River Delta, and caramel, available at the popcorn wagon in Mermaid Lagoon.


We took a peek at Gelatoni’s painting, and saw that he’s making artwork of his friends.


He’s clearly had a ton of practice.


Will you be making a trip to Tokyo DisneySea for this Gelatoni popcorn bucket? Let us know in the comments.

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