New Chucky Backpack & Mug, Exorcist Tee, Hellfire Club Walkman Bag, and More Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise Arrive at Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

New Chucky Backpack & Mug, Exorcist Tee, Hellfire Club Walkman Bag, and More Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise Arrive at Universal Orlando Resort

We’ve spotted even more new Halloween Horror Nights 32 merchandise over the past few days as the event itself kicks off. In this roundup, we’ve got new items inspired by “Chucky,” “The Exorcist: Believer,” the Hellfire Club from “Stranger Things 4,” “The Last of Us,” and HHN in general.

halloween horror nights merchandise

Most of this merch can be found in the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk or Universal Studios Florida (pictured above).

More Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise

HHN Fitted Tee – $33

hhn32 merch 6507

This black tee has “Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2023” on the chest in a carnival-inspired font. It has wide sleeve openings.

hhn32 merch 6508

On the back is a design we’ve seen before featuring the logos of every HHN 32 house against the palm of a hand, with the all-seeing eye on the finger tips.

HHN Pin – $12

hhn32 merch 6153

This pin features a skull and skeleton hands beneath “Halloween Horror Nights.”

hhn32 merch 6155

A planchette slides across the top. Two coffins at the bottom display the year.

HHN Patch Set – $15

hhn32 merch 6159

The same design as the pin is featured on one of these peel and stick/sew-on patches. There’s also a larger planchette with a green center, a hand with the all-seeing eye, a black cat, and “Never Go Alone.”

Lil’ Boo Magnet – $14

hhn32 merch 7371

The first weekly magnet release is a Lil’ Boo magnet. A black raven is perched atop the jack-o’-lantern. A black rat and bat are also featured, beneath a “Happy Halloween” banner that has been altered to read “Scary Halloween.”

hhn32 merch 7091

Future magnets are inspired by different Halloween Horror Nights houses, scare zones, and the event as a whole. There will be nine in total.

Hard Candy Lollipop Skull – $5

hhn32 merch 7236

There is also new HHN-inspired candy, such as this red and black skull lollipop.

hhn32 merch 7233

Spooky Witch Finger – $5

hhn32 merch 7237

Or you can chomp down on a grisly witch’s finger.

hhn32 merch 7239
hhn32 merch 7240

The Exorcist: Believer Merch

The Exorcist: Believer house is inspired by the film of the same name, which will hit theaters on October 6.

The Exorcist: Believer Tee – $30

hhn32 merch 6313

This black T-shirt features the logo in red lettering on the front.

hhn32 merch 6315

On the back, a demon looms over two girls tied to chairs. “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” is printed below the design.

The Exorcist: Believer Patch Set – $15

hhn32 merch 6318

There are three patches in this set. One is a house, depicted in red and black with blood dripping from the bottom. The two girls are in the house’s doorway. Another patch features the same image from the shirt, while the third patch has the two girls’ faces.

The Exorcist: Believer Button Set – $11

hhn32 merch 7348

The same three designs are on these red and black buttons. The fourth button reads “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” in white lettering against a red background of “Exorcist” imagery.

hhn32 merch 7349
hhn32 merch 7350
hhn32 merch 7351
hhn32 merch 7352

Chucky Merchandise

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count features a meta story inspired by the “Child’s Play” franchise as a whole, but particularly the “Chucky” TV series.

Chucky Artist Signature Pin – $12

hhn32 merch 7357

This pin features the Chucky Artist Signature design with four works of art. The top image is a closeup on Chucky’s bulging eyes. Below that is the gagged head of Chucky on a plank of nails.

hhn32 merch 7361

Chucky’s face and a knife are pictured with the words “Give me the power, I beg of you!” at the bottom. To the side is a cartoon-ish image of Chucky leaning out of his blood-stained Good Guys box over a dilapidated teddy bear and scared Jack in the box, saying, “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?”

Chucky Mug – $18

hhn32 merch 6490

This mug resembles a yellow blood-splattered Good Guys box with Chucky peering out of one side.

hhn32 merch 6491

The other side shows the torn interior of a box. The mug is hand wash only.

Chucky Wallet – $45

hhn32 merch 6495

The wallet similarly looks like a Good Guys box, with trading cards beneath the image of Chucky.

hhn32 merch 6496

It has a detachable wristlet strap.

hhn32 merch 6498

The back has a Halloween Horror Nights patch and zipper pocket.

Chucky Backpack – $75

hhn32 merch 6502

The backpack features Chucky with his face partially torn and two knives in his hands. He’s above a yellow “Chucky” box, which acts as the front pocket. Blood splatters are behind Chucky.

hhn32 merch 6501

The front pocket’s zipper pull is a silicone knife.

hhn32 merch 6503

The rest of the bag is black, with a red zipper for the main pocket. Bloody tally marks are on one of the side pockets.

hhn32 merch 6505

The HHN logo is on the other side pocket.

Chucky Reversible Bucket Hat – $34

hhn32 merch 6523

One side of this bucket hat resembles blue denim, inspired by Chucky’s overalls. On the front is a pocket embroidered with the “Good Guys” logo. The edge of the brim is lined with red fabric.

hhn32 merch 6524

The hat is patterned with blood splatters and some of Chucky’s favorite improvised weapons, like knives, hammers, and baseball bats.

hhn32 merch 6525
hhn32 merch 6526
hhn32 merch 6527
hhn32 merch 6529

The other side of the bucket hat is striped red, pink, white, blue, and green like Chucky’s shirt. “Wanna Play?” is in bloody letters on the front.

hhn32 merch 6530

A Halloween Horror Nights patch is on the back.

Chucky Buttons Set – $11

hhn32 merch 7378

There are four buttons in this set:

  • Chucky sitting among Good Guys boxes
  • The HHN logo against bloody denim
  • A close-up on Chucky holding a knife
  • The “Chucky” logo with a knife reflecting Chucky’s eyes
hhn32 merch 7380
hhn32 merch 7381
hhn32 merch 7382
hhn32 merch 7379

Stranger Things Merchandise

Hellfire Club Light-Up Bracelet – $12

hhn32 merch 7366

This light-up bracelet features the red Hellfire Club demon logo on the black clip. The bracelet is transparent and embossed with the “Stranger Things,” Hellfire, and HHN logos.

hhn32 merch 7367
hhn32 merch 7368

The light is in the clip, illuminating the bracelet’s logos.

hhn32 merch 7369

Light-up bracelets are $12 individually or 2 for $22.

Hellfire Club Wallet – $28

hhn32 merch 6510

This velcro wallet resembles one you might have used in the 1980s, when “Stranger Things” is set.

hhn32 merch 6512

It’s black with an all-over pattern of Hellfire Club symbology: a red demon, axes, maces, and RPG dice.

hhn32 merch 6513

Inside, it’s solid black, with the “Stranger Things” logo on the stack of card pockets.

hhn32 merch 6514

A Hellfire Club patch above the show’s logo says “Fireball him!” around a red D20.

hhn32 merch 6515

Included in the transparent ID slot is a Hellfire Club membership card with spots to fill in your own name and position.

hhn32 merch 6516

There’s a small zipper pocket inside.

hhn32 merch 6518

A Hellfire Club D20 charm hangs from the wallet’s clip.

hhn32 merch 6519
hhn32 merch 6520

It has a silver chain.

hhn32 merch 6521

Walkman Belt Bag – $35

hhn32 merch 7074

This bag resembles a retro gray Walkman with blue detailing. The front pocket resembles a cassette tape labeled “mix tape.” Beside that are various “Stranger Things” patches. There’s a black silicone opening for a cord like a charging cable or headphones.

hhn32 merch 7071

The main pocket’s zipper pull comprises silicone headphones.

hhn32 merch 7064

On the top of the bag are silicone play, fast forward, and rewind “buttons.”

hhn32 merch 7069
hhn32 merch 7072

It has a blue strap with a buckle. On the back is a Vecna patch and an HHN patch.

hhn32 merch 7068

There’s also a small zip pocket nearby.

Hellfire Club Wall Art – $45

hhn32 merch 7083

This wooden wall art features the Hellfire Club logo in the center. “Choose your weapon wisely” is beneath the logo and the corners feature various weapons in red.

hhn32 merch 7084

There are white and yellow flower details around the edges.

hhn32 merch 7085
hhn32 merch 7086

The Last of Us Glass – $12

hhn32 merch 8759

This glass features the logos for “The Last of Us” and PlayStation.

hhn32 merch 8760

Around the sides are images of various Infected.

hhn32 merch 8761

In black is the HHN 2023 logo.

hhn32 merch 8762
hhn32 merch 8758

Frankenstein Minion Tee – $25

hhn32 merch 7077

Lastly, a new glow-in-the-dark green T-shirt features a Minion dressed up as Frankenstein’s Monster.

hhn32 merch 7078

The Minion appears to be Bob, as his teddy bear (Tim) is on the side with Frankenstein-like stitches and some pink stuffing spilling out of his neck.

Which item most intrigues you? Let us know in the comments.

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