Holofoil Elsa Card Sells for Over $1,000, More Disney Lorcana Cards Priced in the Hundreds

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Holofoil Elsa Card Sells for Over $1,000, More Disney Lorcana Cards Priced in the Hundreds

Fans are having trouble getting their hands on Disney Lorcana cards after the game had its wide release on September 1. It sold out quickly when released at Walt Disney World Resort on August 28 and continues to be in short supply at various retailers. With decks and boosters so hard to find, many are turning to resellers, who are pricing the rarest cards at over $1,000.

elsa spirit of winter

According to TCGPlayer.com, the rare holofoil Elsa – Spirit of Winter card has a market price of $697.92 (as of Friday, September 8) but a median listing price of $997.00. The sales history shows the card selling for as little as $250 on August 19, but the price has steadily gone up, and at least one sold for $1,099.99 on September 4.

The Elsa card is the sixth and highest “Enchanted” rarity of Lorcana cards. Common cards are listed for as little as 2 cents. Other “Enchanted” cards are going for over $300, but none are priced as high as Elsa.

mickey wayward sorcerer

The next highest price is for the Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer card, which currently has a market price of $335.28. The cheapest “Enchanted” card is Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue, with a market price of $189.20.

The most expensive Disney Lorcana product listed on TCGPlayer is a booster box case, which holds 4 booster boxes of 25 packs each for a total of 1,200 cards. It’s currently at a market price of $1,520.43.

A single booster box (300 cards) trails behind Elsa at a market price of $388.36 and rising.

Ravensburger has promised to reprint Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, while the game’s second set will be available later this year. They recently released Disney Lorcana tournament rules.

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